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Centric Retail PLM for Grocery and Supermarket Retailers

Grocery and supermarket retailers are under constant pressure to get original and high-quality products to more markets, faster, while adapting products to consumer demand to increase sales. How can you get ahead of the competition while maintaining excellent quality standards?

#SpeedToMarket #BecomeAgile


Discover the Disruptive Power of Centric Retail PLM

Centric Retail PLM builds a bridge between consumers and development teams with high-level visibility and smart merchandise planning facilities.

Use a configurable collaborative platform for your technical data and enhanced co-development processes with suppliers, laboratories, agencies and internal and external users to improve
product launches.

Use unique Centric Retail PLM mobile apps to capture competitive information from the market as an input for your global vision on your product offering across different lines and labels.

Learn More About Real Grocery PLM and Supermarket PLM Solutions

Find out how grocery and supermarket retailers create a solid digital foundation to innovate and drive their businesses to the next level with Centric Retail PLM. Check out these customer stories and learning tools, or request a demo to see it for yourself!

Tackle Your Biggest Market Challenges with Centric Retail PLM

Centric Retail PLM empowers supermarket and grocery retailers to grow and meet market challenges head on:


ingredients for products, all the way back to the field where they’re grown


proper allergen data to meet regulatory requirements, ensure customer safety and inform increasingly health-conscious customers


multiple vendors and supplier inspections in a highly regulated environment


increased competition and diminishing margins, led by discount retailers



growing demand for organic products, reduced waste and the need to track growers, suppliers, sustainability criteria and regulatory compliance


customer buying behavior and demand transference, harnessing data and insights gained from customer loyalty programs


to changing consumer demands with expansion into ready-made meals and prepared food, online shopping convenience and growth of home deliveries


quality high while the market pace increases to preserve brand reputation and customer loyalty


regulations for safety, handling, storage, packaging and labeling requirements for weight, nutritional value and allergens


pressure to increase product innovation, expand to more markets and channels while keeping time to market fast

Gain Visibility and Efficiency to Meet Operational Challenges

As well as addressing broader market challenges, Centric Retail PLM smooths out operational speedbumps for grocery and supermarket retailers such as a lack of transparency, inaccessible product data and communication breakdowns. Here’s how!

Challenge #1

Managing products across different lines, labels and regions with hundreds of spreadsheets and information stored in often inaccessible locations

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Manage all technical product and assortment data in a centralized digital space that provides an up-to-date source of truth for everyone who needs it

Challenge #2

Localizing private label assortments within centralized merchandise plans

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Gain full visibility into market basket attributes across all categories to optimize shelf space

Challenge #3

Connecting development teams to suppliers and facilities to easily manage inspections, communications, collaboration and workflows with hundreds of external suppliers

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Improve co-development processes with suppliers using a collaborative platform and easily manage quality control and inspections with PLM-connected mobile apps and templates, accessible by all team members in real time

Challenge #4

Calculating costs and margins, including warehousing and delivery

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Easily calculate costs and product margins that reflect fluctuations in prices of raw materials, warehousing, shipping and changing tariffs

Challenge #5

Visibility into product development

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Improve digitization of the supply chain for greater sourcing transparency and manage costing, labeling and tagging of products destined for multiple markets in multiple currencies and languages

Challenge #6

Calculating promotions based on competitive analysis

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Leverage mobile apps to capture competitive information and product testing feedback from the market as inputs across different lines and labels

Challenge #7

Balancing the right mix of food products with near food and non-food products

Centric Retail PLM Solution

Connect consumer demand and development teams with smart use of sales data to inform category planning

Want to Join the Centric Retail PLM Club?

Meet the grocery and supermarket retailers already using Centric Retail PLM to get more innovative products to more markets in more regions faster while reducing costs and staying ahead of the competition. Request a demo to find out how you can too!

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