Centric PLM: The Digital Foundation for Your Food and Beverage Business

A transformative, single platform that empowers better product development and strategic business decisions.

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What is Centric PLM?

Centric PLM is an end-to-end food product development software that empowers food retailers and producers to bring products to market faster while also respecting compliance and ensuring safety.

One actionable version of the truth for all teams from planning to retail

Planning, what-iffing, task management and workflows

Try what-if scenarios to see the impact of R&D, design, packaging and supply decisions on cost, delivery and other factors while maximizing efficiency.

Product portfolio management and product innovation

Optimize rebranding, repackaging and new product introductions using product brief templates including specs, price, regulatory requirements and competitor comparisons.

Product specifications

Easily update and manage data and documentation for product formulation, ingredients, packaging and more in centralized, accessible, formula-based PLM.

Packaging development and labeling

Quickly develop, source and update packaging using templates populated with formulation, allergen, nutrition and regulatory data from PLM and connected databases.

Compliance and safety

Gain full visibility, track and implement compliance changes and streamline checks with built-in process management. Connect to compliance databases such as USDA, SR Legacy, CIQUAL or others.

RFQs, sourcing and supplier collaboration

Send out RFQs en masse and consolidate responses to streamline sourcing. Connect suppliers to Centric PLM via a supplier portal or email to collaborate efficiently and speed time to market.

Why Centric Software®?

Centric Software® started as a digital disruptor in the fashion, retail and consumer goods markets bringing innovations such as the first out of the box PLM, Agile Deployment℠, industry-specific best practices, mobile apps, digital boards and a connector suite for both Adobe® Illustrator, 3D design packages, 30+ ERP integrations and more.

Over 20 years and 400 successful PLM deployments later, Centric are digital transformation experts and the number #1 PLM on the market.

Now, it’s time to revolutionize the food and beverage industry with Centric PLM.

User-friendly system with the highest user adoption rate of all PLM solutions on the market.

Constantly innovating Silicon Valley-style. With many industry firsts such as PLM mobile apps, connections to 2D and 3D design tools, high-performance for 10 to 10,000+ users and more.

Centric PLM integrates easily with enterprise solutions such as ERP, PIM, DAM, e-commerce, formulation, demand planning and more for seamless end-to-end data management and collaboration.

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