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What is retail transformation?

Retail today is undergoing massive transformation. Competition is fierce with companies fighting for consumers’ share of mind and wallet. Approximately 50% of new products fail to meet sales goals despite a dramatic increase in the number of new product introductions. Innovative retailers know that they need to develop amazing products across all channels quickly in order to succeed.

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The pace of change is accelerating

Consumer choices are driving the market today resulting in a faster time to market and lower price points for goods and services. The number of products, categories and brands is exploding and companies must be focused in their retail transformation strategies.


Centric PLM is innovative technology that helps brands, retailers and manufacturers achieve strategic and operations retail transformation goals

Get closer to consumers

Speed time to market

Streamline operations

Improve margins

Stimulate innovation & new product introductions

Improve supplier

Why do over 275 brands, retailers and manufacturers trust Centric Software?

Best Experienced PLM Team

Centric’s hard-working, innovation-driven and fun-loving team includes over 200 IT & industry specialists that speak 25 languages to support you 24/7 around the globe. Centric hires only recognized experts.

Most Innovative Technology

With an R&D team based in Silicon Valley, Centric Software is a fully configurable, cloud-based, SaaS PLM.

With 2 major and 2 minor releases per year and steady flow of new mobile and other innovations, Centric PLM offers seamless connections to other business systems such as ERP, DAM and more. Even create your own apps for use with Centric solutions with our SDK!

Happiest Customers

Outstanding support from our customers has clearly positioned us as the PLM innovation leader. We are very proud that over 2/3 of our customers have taken the time to publicly endorse Centric and over 95% have done so privately.


Many retailers, large and small, around the world rely on Centric solutions including

Want to learn more about retail transformation? Check out our success stories and infographic

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Seeing is believing

If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.