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Centric Retail PLM offers an innovative range of PLM technologies to manage the entire product lifecycle from planning assortments to creating and sourcing products to the moment a consumer gets them in their hands. Centric’s retail PLM solutions, including its PLM platform, mobile apps and digital boards are for all types of retail business, from specialty to multi-category, and from apparel to gear to home furnishings and other consumer goods.



Leading retailers leverage Centric Retail PLM to achieve strategic and operational goals

Meet market challenges head-on and drive competitivity with Centric Retail PLM.

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Speed Time to Market

Centric Retail PLM speeds time to market in a thousand different ways by cutting out inefficiency and keeping each SKU on its critical path. From faster and easier communication with suppliers, clearer RFP’s and design proposals, to reduced back and forth questions, to jump starting the internal buying process and eliminating un-necessary delays while managing by exception, Retail PLM keeps teams focused and fast.

Increase Product Introduction Success

Centralize merchandise development plans, gain visibility and establish targets earlier to take the guess work out of new product launches with Centric Retail PLM.

Easily see complex product mixes across branded and private label assortments to identify development opportunities to design and develop the most desired products your customers crave.

Boost Product Innovation

Consumers love innovative, new products and they will help drive sales and retain market leadership; Centric Retail PLM is the backbone of a product innovation strategy. With highly visual technologies that enable designers, technical and production teams or even supplier co-creation, creativity flows. Fully leverage product tester feedback with mobile apps that connect right back to product teams and more.

Launch More SKUs

In order to offer a variety of well-designed goods, hundreds of thousands of design proposals or prototypes might be reviewed with as few as ten percent retained. Centric Retail PLM gives teams the power to manage more SKUs at once and drive more new products. One user can create hundreds of SKUs and multiple seasons at once and efficiently manage requests for design and samples.

Get Closer to Consumers

Did you know that Centric Retail PLM can provide the foundation for product personalization? And after sales service? Improvements in product quality?

With a variety of flexible and easy to use product-centered modules and apps, leading retailers are accomplishing these goals and more that allow them to build customer intimacy and improve customer satisfaction.

Lower COGS & Improve Product Margins

The name of the retail game is keeping costs low and pushing product margins higher.

Centric Retail PLM’s powerful Slicer tool can analyze season’s or year’s worth of information to answer questions about financial and supplier performance.

Material costs and other complex queries like the impact of tariffs, changing transportation costs, calculating MOQs that require significant “what-iffing” and number crunching are made easy.

Streamline Private/White Label & Supplier Co-Created Development

Whether creating private label products with internal designs team or co-creating with trusted suppliers, Centric Retail PLM was made to manage product development.

Designers work in Adobe but can push designs to PLM for developers and merchandising teams who build assortments and connect with suppliers to instantly share the most up-to-date product information and handle design proposals.

Paper files, spreadsheets, hundreds of emails, manual data entry mistakes and miscommunication are eliminated speeding the entire process.

Maximize Product Assortment Value

Improve decision making and collaboration with Centric’s ground-breaking Visual Innovation Platform (Centric VIP) Digital Buying Board.

This highly-visual platform for touch-based devices like tablets, touchscreen televisions and web applications powers assortment planning between central, regional merchandising teams, internal buyers and e-commerce teams. Connected teams can review, manage and plan ideal product mixes and target quantities for different markets, geographies and sales channels.

See How Centric Retail PLM Gets Teams on the Same Page

Having a ‘single source of the truth’ is a real game-changer for both top line growth and bottom line savings. Take a look below to see how PLM eliminates the need to juggle independent data silos, reduces errors and frees up precious time while driving product innovation, increasing the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), reducing costs and speeding time to market.

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Get the Scoop on Centric Retail PLM

Learn how Centric’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) interconnected modules, mobile apps and game-changing digital boards work in the real world.

Every department is equipped with the up-to-date product information they need from anywhere in the world to develop amazing products across multiple categories, geographies and channels faster.

Centric Retail PLM has the fastest time to value on the market because it’s very easy to use with an Excel-inspired interface and personalized dashboards enable users to customize their views based on their role and information most useful for them. This is why Centric Retail PLM has the highest user adoption and customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

Want to know more about the modules in the Centric Retail PLM platform, what they do and who uses them?Check out this brochure for everything you need to know about our full suite of award-winning modules.

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Centric Visual Innovation Platform (Centric VIP) offers a new fully visual and digital experience for collaboration and decision-making. It streamlines information into one simple, central system available to use on touch-screen devices.Centric VIP includes the Centric Buying Board to transform internal buying sessions and maximize retail value and the Centric Concept Board for driving creativity and evolving product concepts.

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Put the power of Centric Retail PLM in your pocket with our 15 industry specific mobile apps.From design inspiration to sample reviews, product testing, final product inspection and retail storefront review, our mobile apps are agile and fast to capture information when and where you need it. Get your retail business on the move.

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Centric Retail PLM. Not Just Another PLM Solution.

What is the secret of your (and our) success? With our retail customers, we partnered on a very simple, yet brilliant, innovation-first strategy.

Best Customers

Hundred’s of companies creating products for over 1,400 iconic brands and retailers trust Centric Software including Adeo, Anta, Auchan, Belle, Big Lots, Capa de Ozono, Hudson Bay Company, Kiabi, La Chapelle, La Maison Simons, Liverpool, Siplec/Leclec, Volcom, Woolworths, Xtep and many more. Our customers are simply awesome!
We are proud that our customers are so happy that over 70% have given us a public testimonial.

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Built hand-in-hand with our customer innovation partners and Customer Advisory Board, Centric Retail PLM solutions are driven by the most innovative companies in the world.

With the highest customer satisfaction rate, retention rate and user adoption rate of all PLM providers, almost 30% of our customers started with another PLM before switching to Centric’s market-driven, cutting edge innovations.

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Best Team

Centric supports customers at every step of their retail PLM digital transformation journey to ensure success.

Centric consultants are the best in retail, having experienced it themselves by often working in the industry first, and now sharing this expertise with our customers. Centric’s R&D team continues to push boundaries and incorporates the most advanced innovations including mobile apps, digital touch boards, AI and 3D into Centric solutions.

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Here are the top 10 reasons our retail customers like Big Lots, Auchan Retail, Loblaws, Liverpool, Bestseller, Superdry and others rely on Centric Retail PLM every day to get more products, in more categories, to more markets and channels, faster.