Introducing Centric PLM for Consumer Goods

Centric PLM enables consumer goods brands to incorporate shorter design and development cycles, greater visibility, better communication and reduced costs.

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With rapidly growing consumer demand for innovation in parallel with rising global competition and a proliferation of new brands, consumer goods brands and retailers of all types need to stay on top by delivering amazing products to market while protecting product margins. To adapt to the latest consumer and market trends, consumer goods companies must be able to rapidly evolve product offerings and implement agile ways of working.

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Meet the Leading Brands Using Centric PLM for Consumer Goods

How Can Centric PLM for Consumer Goods Drive Your Success?

Keeping up with digitally savvy consumers and getting products to market is more complex than ever. Consumer goods brands from all around the world leverage the power of Centric PLM to strike a balance between creativity and structured development in the context of business growth. Dramatically streamline product development cycles, cut lead times, speed time to market and reduce costs with the power of Centric PLM.

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Get the company-wide buy-in you need to get a new PLM project off the ground with a convincing business case.

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Discover our industry-first PLM mobile apps that free you from your desk so you can work anywhere at any time.

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Select the best product assortments for wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels to maximize sell-through with Centric’s revolutionary Digital Buying Board.

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Weigh up the benefits of sticking with your existing PLM solution or migrating to a new PLM with our useful guide.

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Tackle Your Biggest Challenges with Centric Consumer Goods PLM

In the fast-changing era of omnichannel commerce, consumers demand more innovative products with greater value. Consumer goods companies need to speed time to market and become more agile and flexible to meet increased regulatory demands, compete with e-commerce outlets and adapt to changing consumer behaviors. Centric PLM empowers retailers and consumer goods brands and manufacturers to make revenue-critical decisions every day.

Discover how Collection Management in PLM impresses customers and boosts sales.

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Find out how Product Sourcing targets supply chain challenges.

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Reap bottom line rewards with game-changing PLM-connected digital collaboration tools.

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Discover Centric Consumer Goods PLM Success Stories

PLM empowers consumer goods companies to meet demand for better products, at target prices, across multiple channels, enabling accelerated innovation and the development of winning product offerings. Learn about the benefits customers experience with Centric PLM!

Modern Gourmet Foods

Specialist food and beverage gifts brand saves time and money on project management and gains greater visibility with single, actionable version of the truth in Centric PLM!

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Outward Hound

Pet accessories company develops 8 times its previous number of SKUs and saves 20% product development time with Centric Consumer Goods PLM.

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Computer case and accessories brand uses Centric PLM to collaborate efficiently across 4 time zones, gaining global visibility to prioritize projects.

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Mud Pie

Gifts and apparel company saves time every day, takes instant action on decisions and stays connected on mobile apps with Centric PLM!

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Home décor accents business implements Centric PLM and increases product variety by 50%, sets up new direct-to-consumer online channel and develops products faster!

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