Centric is the outdoor industry’s preferred PLM.

Centric PLM solutions help drive efficiency throughout the product development, sourcing and retail chains. Centric levels the competitive playing field by giving emerging brands access to the same cloud based technology and industry best practices as more established companies


What you can do with Centric PLM

Centric PLM ushers products from inspiration to the store shelf, allowing retailers to easily monitor customer experience and measure that against company standards.

Product specification

Product specification and line planning


Sourcing, vendor management and compliance

Business visibility

Business visibility and insight


Product Field Testing

Product Field Testing app specifically designed for the industry

mobile apps

A portfolio of mobile apps for work on the go from fit sessions to factory audits and more

Drive product innovation and performance


Early stage prototypes are particularly costly; at times thousands of dollars each to produce. Prototypes and samples are typically tested in the field, especially for performance wear; worn or used by sponsored athletes, internal teams or others.

Centric’s new Field Testing app provides an innovative solution for product performance feedback. Centric’s Field Testing App is an example of how capturing data live, in the moment, is not only incredibly valuable but also a natural way of working. This app helps reducing costs while also improving product innovation and performance; which are ultimately keystones of great brands.

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The world’s leading outdoor groups and brands rely on Centric solutions including

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Helly Hansen Boosts Product Innovation with the Power of Centric PLM

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If your PLM software isn’t easy to use your teams won’t use it, so your company won’t reap the benefits. Give us 60 minutes and you’ll see why Centric’s comprehensive, out-of the box system is the easiest-to-use PLM software platform on the market.