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Outdoor and Sports

Boost Innovation, Manage Complexity and Launch Quality, Sustainable Products

Centric PLM and Retail Planning streamline product planning, development and launch for outdoor and sports brands and retailers. Deliver innovative, compliant, high-quality, high-performance gear and apparel to drive omnichannel growth.

Learn how outdoor and sports businesses power innovation and sustainability with Centric solutions

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Work faster and smarter. Develop incredible products. Strengthen customer trust.

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  • Centralize data to drive business growth

    Teams access the same real-time product data to boost collaboration, stay agile and make strategic decisions faster. KEEN reduced reporting output time by 50% with Centric PLM.

  • Maintain quality and accuracy standards

    Conduct quality control, sample reviews and factory audits. Standardize processes and documentation. Gymshark achieved 99% accurate product documentation with Centric PLM.

  • Collaborate to speed time to market

    Remove bottlenecks with workflow management, seasonal line planning aligned with financial targets, task hand-offs, alerts, templates, libraries and mobile and social PLM. Easily co-create with suppliers.

  • Strengthen sustainability and compliance

    Ensure compliance with strict regulations. Track adherence to sustainability targets, reduce waste, prevent overproduction and document materials, chemicals, carbon footprint, ethical labor and more.

  • Free teams from admin to fuel innovation

    Link planning, design, technical, production and supplier teams to save time and innovate industry-leading high-performance products. Connect 2D and 3D CAD design tools directly with PLM.

  • Manage complexity to drive growth

    Plan complex retail and wholesale assortments and handle 1000s of SKUs across multiple seasons. Easily add licensees, categories and lines. Mizuno USA increased its SKU count by 10.2% in one division with Centric PLM.

  • Work efficiently with licensing partners

    Manage communication and guarantee consistency and quality in licensing arrangements, whether your business is the licensee, licensor or producing to a licensee/sor’s spec.

  • Protect reputation and build trust

    Protect brand reputation by making sure materials are appropriate, high-quality and fit for purpose. Showcase technical expertise to reassure consumers and reinforce trust.

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Centric is the number 1 PLM for the world’s top outdoor and sports brands and retailers

The cyclical nature of the snowmobiling gear market meant that Klim sought ways to improve efficiency and build platforms for growth from its early days. Klim’s growth into new motorcycling markets made the business less seasonal, but their amount and variety of products exploded.

Line planning and product development were causing headaches at Mizuno USA. Product managers would work on their collections and then reveal them at the last moment, meaning there was little to no visibility of development. The company wanted to be able to know what was in the pipeline and set realistic launch timelines.

Mystery Ranch is a growing business that sells to both professional and consumer markets, and customers are involved in challenging activities where lives can depend on the quality and durability of equipment. To make backpacks that meet their high standards, Mystery Ranch needed a PLM solution that could handle a wide variety of product information, effectively track supply chain data and balance different product timelines across the business.

“Centric is highly configurable with great out-of-the-box templates and embedded best practices that will structure our processes as an evolving brand. We pride ourselves on being agile, and Centric will maintain that agility. The system is intuitive and fun to use, which is important for our young product team.”

Product Development
Director Gymshark

Why do outdoor and sports businesses use Centric solutions?

Our intuitive, out-of-the-box solutions get innovative, high-quality apparel and gear to market faster with a single source of actionable truth. From planning collections to navigating compliance requirements to optimizing inventory allocation, Centric PLM and Retail Planning streamline the go-to-market process for hard goods, soft goods, footwear and more.

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User-friendly Platform

Browser-based portal with visual and intuitive Excel-like interface and the highest user adoption rate (100%) in the industry. Slack integration and mobile apps enable social collaboration.

Actionable Analytics & Insights

Personalize reports and views to suit every role. Leverage machine learning and augmented intelligence for deep, actionable insights. Specify products, plan lines, source materials, manage vendors, monitor compliance and much more.

Cloud-based and Scalable

Easily configure and implement a PLM solution appropriate to your needs that will scale as your business grows. Cloud-based platform reduces need to invest in-house IT infrastructure and personnel.

Planning and Workflows

Manage tasks with built-in workflows and hand-offs. See the impact of design, material and supplier decisions on cost, delivery and more while maximizing efficiency with powerful integrated retail planning modules.

Update and Develop Fast

Mass update products already in production with Engineering Change Management to react to recalls and safety issues. Use templates to quickly start developing new products based on similar items.

Manage Many Product Types

Handle soft goods, hard goods, footwear and even electronics with equal precision and efficiency. Easily add new product categories and develop complex products with 100s of materials/components.

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Centric PLM

Cloud-based SaaS PLM with built-in industry best practices. Highly configurable and modular with mobile apps and market-leading digital boards.

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Retail Planning

Streamline concept to replenishment go-to-market planning and product execution to manage assortments, maximize product margins and improve sell-through with six powerful modules. Available as a standalone solution or integrated with PLM.

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3D PLM Connect

Sketch and start building BOMs directly from Adobe® Illustrator with access to materials, colors and more from PLM. Seamlessly push designs from Illustrator to PLM to streamline product development.

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Vendor Portal

Work with suppliers to benefit from their expertise and handle costs, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation. Provide access to PLM data to streamline co-created product development.


Enterprise Connectivity

Centric PLM and Retail Planning seamlessly integrate with other enterprise platforms like ERP, e-commerce, PIM, DAM, compliance software, quality management software, 2D and 3D CAD design software and more.


Agile Deployment

Centric’s unique Agile Deployment methodology delivers the fastest ROI in the industry. Respond to market challenges, connect teams remotely and get PLM going in just days with Quick Start packages.

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Centric SMB

SaaS cloud-based PLM solution for emerging enterprises that grows and evolves with your business. No IT team needed. Expand by doing more with the same resources and upgrade easily to Centric PLM.

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Centric PLM Mobile Apps

Control quality, conduct sample and fit reviews, analyze competition, audit factories and more from anywhere. Intuitive, social PLM-connected apps optimize UX, save time and encourage collaboration.

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Why are PLM and Retail Planning critical to the outdoor and sports industry?

Lighter. Stronger. Faster. Safer. Greener. The outdoor and sports market thrives on new product innovation. Discerning consumers want to enjoy their adventures to the max and are willing to pay a premium for the latest technical gear that delivers the ultimate in safety, comfort and aesthetics. However, as lovers of the natural world, they also insist that the products they buy are sustainable and ethically sound.

The success of outdoor and sports brands and retailers depends on their ability to drive brand value and keep consumers loyal by differentiating their products. However, the fast-paced retail market combined with more consumer demand has compressed product development lifecycles. In order to remain competitive, outdoor and sports brands and retailers must develop more new and innovative products for more channels, more efficiently in a shorter time frame.

Outdoor and sports brands and retailers face many unique product development challenges. More SKUs means managing vast amounts of product information, from tracking product development activities to thoroughly reviewing prototypes and samples. Stringent compliance requirements and changing global regulations must be successfully navigated, while product lines, retail and wholesale assortments and merchandising must be planned and managed more effectively to reduce wastage of time, money, finished inventory and raw materials.

A combined PLM and Retail Planning solution tuned to the specific needs of the market will enable outdoor and sports brands and retailers to rise to these challenges.

Drive sustainable business practices with Centric solutions

Our PLM and Retail Planning solutions give outdoors and sports businesses the tools to implement, track and report initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. Set targets, monitor compliance, cut waste, improve forecasting with deep analytics and quickly move inventory to where it’s needed to reduce unsold products. Let your customers see your commitment, ultimately boosting sales and brand loyalty with a transparent sustainability framework.


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