Centric Luxury PLM for Luxury Goods Powers Precision and Efficiency

With Centric PLM for luxury, brands take full advantage of creative and technical talent, optimize assortments across multiple channels, stay close to customers and ensure product heritage.

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Luxury brands, which have traditionally depended on quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity as selling points, are in a whole new world. The digitally-connected consumer has more choice than ever, and expects a personalized, seamless online and offline buying experience.

As luxury brands contend with changing consumer buying patterns and a growing field of emerging brands in addition to traditional competitors, high-end fashion & luxury goods businesses must employ digital solutions to streamline product development, speed time to market, harmonize brand DNA, optimize costs and balance creative expression with the business.

Luxury brands are cautious of technology that might compromise traditions in the face of market pressures. Recognizing the delicate balance luxury brands need to achieve between heritage and innovation, Centric Luxury PLM helps iconic luxury houses around the world to personalize products and experiences, drive creativity and boost their bottom lines without discarding traditional methods to keep up with the market.


Technology Innovations without Compromise

How can luxury brands choose the right technologies to keep pace with a generation of digitally-connected consumers while retaining the heritage, craftsmanship and exclusivity that make them so alluring?

How Technology Has Transformed the Luxury Market

Learn how luxury brands can take advantage of the technology and innovation to generate brand excitement without risking heritage or quality.

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3 Reasons Luxury Brands Are Choosing PLM

Discover why luxury brands are using PLM solutions to streamline operations, balance creativity with commerce and build supply chain transparency in this short article!

Going Digital: Before and After

Less stress, better time management and improved collaboration sounds good, right? Get a glimpse of what work life is like before and after digital transformation with Centric PLM solutions in our handy infographic.

Fashion, Finance and Frustration

Are you constantly trying to balance time and money to get products to market on time with healthy margins at the right price? Centric Luxury PLM can help luxury brands to stay ahead of deadlines and financial pressures.

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Hi-Tech PLM for High Quality Products

Luxury customers expect the ultimate in quality, craftsmanship and longevity. Find out how luxury brands use Centric Luxury PLM to control quality, track raw materials, optimize supply chains and more in this fun infographic.

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Streamline with a Single Source of Truth

Eliminate the need to juggle independent data silos, reduce errors and free up precious time with PLM – no more version control issues and missing files!

Find out how in our infographic on breaking down data silos.


Driving Digital Transformation for the World’s Leading Luxury Brands

Top names in luxury have chosen Centric Luxury PLM (along with many others we can’t mention)!

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