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Track product performance with your phone with Centric's Field Testing Mobile app!


Drive product innovation and performance

Early stage prototypes are particularly costly; at times thousands of dollars each to produce. Prototypes and samples are typically tested in the field, especially for performance wear; worn or used by sponsored athletes, internal teams or others.

Centric’s new Field Testing app provides an innovative solution for product performance feedback. Centric’s Field Testing App is an example of how capturing data live, in the moment, is not only incredibly valuable but also a natural way of working. This app helps reducing costs while also improving product innovation and performance; which are ultimately keystones of great brands.



With Centric Field Testing mobile app, easily set up your user profile and check out samples anywhere, anytime. Put the products through detailed side-by-side tests, both in the lab and in the field, and score each product across a range of categories.


Quick data entry

Simplify the process of entering and tracking data like how a product performed, weather conditions, comfort, fit or any other kind of information you want to track.


Work with your team whether they are in the office or not

Put sponsored athletes, guides, internal teams and others to work testing. If they have a phone, they can give their feedback when out trying new gear!


Collect testing feedback and put this info to work!

With simple configuration you can collate testing feedback and send it back to Centric PLM or your website, allowing you to make better product development decisions and improve the final product.

To learn more about Centric’s Product Field Testing, request access to our webinar on the subject

Watch the Webinar