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Learn 10 Ways Centric PLM Drives Retail Transformation to Supercharge Your Operations

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The pace of change for retailers is frenetic and the competition is fierce. Centric PLM™ drives digital transformation for retailers so you can develop amazing products across multiple categories, geographies and channels faster to compete in today’s accelerating marketplace.

Centric enables digital transformation with market-driven, cloud-based, mobile technology to empower retailers to boost product innovation, speed the pace of new products, enhance supplier collaboration and product co-creation, ensure compliance across all regions, manage quality and speed time to market. There are many reasons that leading retail brands including Big Lots, Auchan, Fast Retailing and Bestseller rely on Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to enhance their retail digital strategies.

Read on to find out how Centric PLM empowers retailers to thrive in the fast-moving multi-category retail world.

10 Ways Centric PLM Drives Retail Transformation

1. One-Stop shop

Centric PLM enables you to develop more products, offer more choice and open new channels by streamlining your processes so everything moves much more quickly along the product chain. Offering customers the widest choice of products possible, for the absolute best value for their money allows retailers to be the one-stop shop for customers for all seasons and occasions!

2. Be the Best of!

Digitally transform product quality and in-store experience to protect your brand value and reputation with Centric’s Final Inspection module and Retail Review mobile app. Ensure your product quality doesn’t slip and maintain store brand standards while you accelerate pace and volume of new products! Digital mobility frees your teams to increase the number of inspections without cumbersome paper notes.

3. Streamline Private Label and Co-Created Developments

Power private label growth and develop product lines with innovative technology designed for fashion, apparel and consumer goods. Improve development efficiencies, eliminate tedious data entry, easily manage regulatory compliance requirements and reduce errors to get more products to market faster!

4. Rally Your Team!

Centric PLM provides a ‘single source of truth’ so all team members, from every department, are empowered with the information they need, in real time, from anywhere in the world! This includes executives, designers, buyers, merchandisers, suppliers, logistics, quality control and retail operations.

5. Manage Your Precious Time

Centric PLM’s Calendar Management module helps everyone internally and externally meet milestones. Be done with unreliable paper calendars, emails, phone calls and spreadsheets!

6. Empower Your Team!

Instead of wasting time chasing out of date information in a pile of spreadsheets, email attachments and shared folders, PLM enables your team to focus on developing and sourcing new innovative products.

7. Never Miss A Beat, Season or Holiday

The world of retail revolves around seasons and holidays and you can’t afford to miss a beat! Centric PLM helps you identify potential production and shipping delays to make sure your product arrives on time without unexpected shipping costs. Don’t let missed sales and margin targets disappoint on any occasion!

8. Improve Margins with Volume Sourcing

Improving margins in a competitive marketplace isn’t easy and you need technology to scale your business. Centric PLM empowers retailers to grow your supplier base, find new vendors, multisource products and expand into new markets. Streamline product sourcing and buying by centralizing data and drive development with mobile, 3D tech and AI.

9. Mess Free, Stress Free!

Centric PLM eliminates the risk of data errors associated with manual data entry so you can relax in the knowledge that all your product information is 100% accurate.

10. HQ Has Your Back

One of the reasons more than 5,200+ brands trust Centric is because of our phenomenal hard-working, innovation-driven and fun-loving team. With more than 390 IT & industry specialists that speak 25 languages, we have your back 24/7 around the globe.