Retail Transformation is Here to Stay and the Pace of Change is Accelerating

Changed consumer behavior, continuously evolving geo-political forces including tariff agreements, digital disrupters, direct to consumer models with easy, fast home delivery options and large online retailers competing in every category have transformed the retail industry forever. A strong digital foundation is now a must-have, especially when bringing products to market, as one thing has not changed; product is still at the heart of retail.

This is where Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers dramatic operational and strategic benefits.


The New State of Retail

More seasons, more often – more is now the expectation of consumers across the board, for all types of products. Time to market is shrinking and products are more globalized than before, making them even more difficult to manage. At the same time, there is more profitability pressure on every SKU and the margin of error has shrunk; success in a season dictates a very high percentage, up to 90%, of revenue attainment for retailers. Retail PLM offers a multitude of advantages and drives efficiencies including arming expansion strategies like launching private/white label brands, adding new categories, expanding geographically or adding selling channels.

Speed Time to Market

Increase Product Introduction Success

Boost Product Innovation

Launch More SKUs/New Products

Get Closer to Consumers

Lower COGS and Improve Product Margins

Streamline Private/White Label and Supplier Co-created Products

Maximize Product Assortment Value


Retailers of All Types and Sizes Use Centric Retail PLM Solutions to Thrive in the Face of Market Challenges

Retail covers everything from private/white label, collaboration/capsule collections and different brands of all types and origins, with many different retail business models like brick & mortar, e-commerce, wholesale and direct-to-consumer for true omnichannel retailing or multichannel retailing. Find out how Centric Retail PLM speeds time to market, drives product innovation and reduces operational costs across the entire spectrum of the retail industry.

Get PLM Educated!

Wondering what Product Lifecycle Management software will do for your retail business? Discover more about PLM in general, retail technology basics, Centric’s market-leading solutions for retail and what satisfied customers have to say about Centric Retail PLM.

What Exactly is Centric Retail PLM and Why Do Leading Retailers Use It?

Almost 50% of new product introductions fail to meet sales targets. PLM helps meet these goals.

Centric empowers digital transformation for retailers to develop amazing white and private label products and manage product assortments across multiple categories, geographies and channels faster, increasing sales and reducing costs. Centric Retail PLM is driven by feedback from customer innovation partners in fashion retail, multicategory retail, home improvement and DIY, hypermarket, superstores, grocery and speciality retail. Centric Retail PLM spans merchandise planning, in-house design, co-design with suppliers and the RFP/RFQ process, product development & product specifications, Bills of Material (BOM), sourcing and supplier management, quality & AQL, compliance guidelines & audits, internal buying sessions/strategic product assortment allocation, product field testing, product retail evaluations and more.

In fact, the solution is so powerful, you must read on to learn more and see who uses it!

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