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Centric Footwear PLM is the Right Next Step

Using industry-defined best practices, Centric Footwear PLM reduces time to market and empowers footwear brands with robust product development processes that ensure quality in high volume production.

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Footwear companies need to maintain growth targets and accurately read the consumer while handling cost and supply chain ambiguity, managing large volumes of data and dreaming up new styles and innovations. It’s a difficult balancing act! Lead times are longer in footwear than in apparel and accessories, so line planning, merchandising and product development have to be completed far earlier.

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How Do Footwear Brands Benefit from Centric Footwear PLM?


color and material libraries and use previous seasons’ information to build new collections. Repurpose base styles and designs easily while changing varying details to keep styles fresh and exciting.


new product development, new product introductions and omni-channel merchandise planning with Centric PLM’s calendar management and merchandising modules. Enjoy enhanced visibility with one place for product-related data and instantly see what’s in the seasonal line.


specific quality control measures for footwear. Production departments can use information generated by design and development teams to validate products in advance, assess the feasibility of manufacturing new products and improve product quality.


manufacturing suppliers and trading partners to Centric PLM so they can share technical information and streamline the RFQ process by collaborating on prices, schedules, samples, quality testing and documentation.


pricing strategies with accurate live cost updates, improved costing visibility of standardized Bills of Material (BOMs) to better evaluate profitability and shape well-rounded collections.


existing processes and systems with Centric PLM to deliver products from design concept through to manufacturing and distribution, faster.


essential data, from components to specifications to images into one place – giving you one single, accurate version of the truth that will reduce user errors.