Centric PLM Drives Business Transformation at Tristate Holdings


FOUR months to complete implementation

ALL collections now managed in PLM

PROFITABILITY measurably improved


When Tristate Holdings acquired Italian shirt brand C.P. Company, they decided to put a new infrastructure in place. To better fit with the group’s other brands and to expand beyond its local market, C.P. needed to undergo a rapid business transformation with a strong technological foundation.

Tristate looked for a PLM solution to help organize collections, collaborate from a single source of information, set prices and improve the organizational structure at C.P. Company. Centric PLM was chosen for its fast implementation and user-friendly, configurable system that came pre-packaged with well-established processes and best practices that would have the brand up and running quickly.

Implementation of Centric PLM was completed in just 4 months, with all collections at C.P. Company now managed on the system. Working with Centric PLM has enabled C.P. to improve collaboration with vendors, exert greater control over collections, better visualize and analyze product performance, and establish a foundation for earlier, more accurate costing that has measurably improved product profitability.

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Company Bio

Founded in 1937 in Shanghai, Tristate Holdings evolved from a prestigious tailor into a unique industrial garment manufacturing company known for its unrivaled ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the production of innovative fashions. Since the mid-1990s Tristate has dedicated itself to creating greater synergy between this manufacturing expertise and the branding processes of design, marketing and distribution to build a group of global brands.


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