Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci Gets to Market Faster with Centric PLM


15 days reduction in time to market

30% fewer material purchase errors

10 days fewer on data entry


Nina Ricci had an information crisis in the making, compounded by the company’s need to create four collections and two pre-collections each year. Out-of-date files, confused revisions between departments, paper documents and an avalanche of email conspired to create significant obstacles to Nina Ricci’s target time to market.

Nina Ricci turned to Centric 8 PLM to secure the future of its ready-to-wear and accessories lines. Centric 8’s approachable, web-based interface and comprehensive functionality, with support for the entire product lifecycle from inspiration to the consumer experience, were critical factors in the company’s decision.

Today, the brand’s use of PLM extends from the earliest stages of merchandise planning right through to product launch. Nina Ricci has reduced average time to market by 15 days, gained greater control of margins with accurate, actionable information and cut data errors by 20-30%. Centric PLM ensures that distribution remains as efficient as possible to get to market ahead of the curve and attract premium customers.

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Company Bio

Founded by Maria Nielli in 1932, the Nina Ricci brand is known worldwide for its iconic dresses, leather goods, jewelry and luxurious range of ready-to-wear couture collections. Today the high-fashion house sources its materials primarily in Italy and conducts the bulk of its manufacturing in France.





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