Tom Tailor

Tom Tailor Boosts Efficiency, Transparency and Flexibility with Centric PLM™


Design efficiency improved by approx. 20%

One single source of truth

Six month implementation


German fashion company and lifestyle brand Tom Tailor experienced substantial growth – both nationally and internationally – leading its teams to struggle with the demands of administrative data entry and a lack of transparency between disconnected legacy systems for managing product information.

After thorough research, Tom Tailor decided to implement Centric Software’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Today, as a result of the implementation, employees across all departments can collaborate from anywhere in real-time using a transparent, ‘single source of truth’ web-based system, which really came into its own in 2020 when users had to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out how Tom Tailor made the switch from frustrating data entry and discrepancies between legacy systems to an integrated, flexible and faster way of working.

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Company bio

Tom Tailor is one of the best-known fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe, offering fashionable clothing and accessories in the mid-price segment.

Focusing on fashionable casual wear, each brand has its own clearly defined essence and distinctive character, yet they all share one overriding goal: to provide high quality fashion for the style-conscious whilst giving attractive value for money.

The core business of the TOM TAILOR family brand is aimed at men and women between the ages of 25 and 45. The collections focus on comfortable, versatile looks and style with a fashionable, self-confident and authentic attitude.





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