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Centric Retail PLM
The Market Speaks!

Our customers span every size and type of retail business, from specialty food to home décor to multi-category. Discover the incredible results our customers achieve with Centric PLM!

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Want to Know More? Hear Directly from Our Customers!

“We went from building a tender in 2 days manually to building it in a couple of hours in Centric.”


“Centric will help us to achieve not only our operational goals, such as reducing time to market and optimizing the value chain, but also our objectives of excellence for our customers and also for ourselves.”


“Centric PLM, specifically the new tools for sourcing included in Centric 8 v6.5, will help us provide our customers with even more great products at great prices to deliver on our promise of Trustworthy Value.”

Big Lots

“We have reduced the average amount of time we spend on product development by 20 percent.”

Capa de Ozono

“Within one year all Cortefiel brands were in the system. It took four years to do this with the old system.”


"It’s going to completely transform our way of working and will help us to create standard operations across a great variety of brands."


Learn the differences between ERP vs PLM - which is best for your business?


Learn why digital transformation is key to growing your brand.

Fashioned for the Future

“Our users are now able to collaborate much more effectively reducing time spent searching for information and entering data in different places.”

Frank And Oak

Make more accurate decisions with Centric's merchandise planning module.

How does Merchandise Planning drive great results?

“Our imports team spends much less time entering data and feels that they contribute more to their real work.”

La Maison Simons

“All users had a checklist to complete and Centric PLM ranked highest for user interface. We also examined the IT side in relation to our existing infrastructure. Centric PLM can integrate well with our other systems, which makes a huge difference.”

Lojas Renner

“MANGO selected Centric as its strategic partner because of Centric’s demonstrated PLM product leadership, and its customer-focused culture and successful track record of innovation.”


Cut through the buzzwords and get to grips with PLM and digital transformation.

Need help deciphering techy acronyms?

Big or small: PLM is for all!


Hear why our customers are so happy with Centric PLM!

The Market Speaks

Mobile, social, collaborative: the reality of digital transformation, by Craig Crawford, Crawford IT.

The Reality of Digital Transformation

“Centric’s solution is flexible and user-friendly. We also appreciate the expertise of Centric’s consultants – they are always able to support with best practices, answer our questions and really understand our business.”


“Entering styles in the system used to take the Snow team two weeks, and it now takes them a day and a half – almost 7x faster than the old way.”


Why is Product Lifecycle Management essential for all brands?

What is PLM?

Keep up with the accelerating pace of change.

What is Retail Tranformation?

“From our initial rollout we expect to see improved collaboration and teamwork in product development, costing efficiencies, better visibility, improved supplier collaboration, a single source of the truth for data, a full audit trail and improved milestone management.”


What are winning strategies in retail these days?

You vs Amazon: Who Wins?

Ready for the Full Centric Retail PLM Experience?
Get Personal with Centric!

Intrigued by what our customers have to say? Want to see Centric Retail PLM for yourself, experience our market-leading innovations, and discover how Centric can digitally transform your business? Book a personalized demo and talk to our retail PLM experts to see how Centric Retail PLM can make your business more streamlined, profitable and stable!