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The Market Speaks About Centric PLM for Consumer Goods

Centric PLM transforms product ideation, development and launch for top consumer goods brands and retailers, making work more efficient, productive and profitable. Explore the success stories of our satisfied customers!



Why Consumer Goods Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers Choose Centric

“Centric will help us to achieve not only our operational goals, such as reducing time to market and optimizing the value chain, but also our objectives of excellence for our customers and also for ourselves.”


“When we saw the demos, we could envision how Centric PLM would fit with our business. Throughout the demo and selection process, Centric were very knowledgeable and responsive.”

Creative Co-op

“We now have just one repository. The information is there and it’s 100% accurate and visible to everyone at the same time. Centric helps us with this because we are guaranteed to have up-to-date and precise costs in real time.”

KIKO Milano

“All users had a checklist to complete and Centric PLM ranked highest for user interface … Centric PLM can integrate well with our other systems, which makes a huge difference.”

Lojas Renner

Saving time and money spent on project management through collaboration and lead time coordination. Full implementation on 2 continents in 2 months.

Modern Gourmet Foods

“Our designers adapted their processes quickly and then eased into the system. The transition was as seamless as possible, and we have now reduced the amount of time it takes to complete a design.”

Mud Pie

“The supplier portal improves communication and efficiency, allowing us to more evenly share workloads and
responsibility with our suppliers. We have actually reduced our supplier base, even though we are growing, as we are able to work effectively with a small number of core factories through Centric PLM.”

Outward Hound

“We chose Centric because it is simple to deploy and because of Centric’s Skyline architecture, which allows access to a massive amount of data and analysis of assumptions in real time.”

Siplec / E.Leclerc

“Centric offers great out-of-the-box functionality, and the Centric team are very competent.”


“Because teams collaborate across 5 major offices in 4 different time zones plus all the regional sales offices, days were lost in the past waiting for replies to emails and updated spreadsheets. Now, once information is uploaded in PLM, it appears instantly for our users everywhere.”


SKU count up by over 50% since Centric PLM implementation. Reduced item set-up time from a week to 2 days.


“We expect to see improved collaboration and teamwork in product development, costing efficiencies, better visibility, improved supplier collaboration, a single source of the truth for data, a full audit trail and improved milestone management.”


“Centric PLM has enabled us to hone every step of the product lifecycle and free up more time … That time is now spent on activities to help promote growth, such as analysis and product research, and we’re able to grow our SKU count without increasing our overhead costs.”

Mud Pie

“Centric invests a lot back into the solution to make sure it keeps up
with industry and market trends … The Centric team really have their fingers on the pulse of both the industry and the latest technologies.”

Outward Hound

“We could see how invested [Centric is] in our company, and we felt their balance of commitment, configurability and size was the right fit for us.”


“Prior to Centric, comparing supplier costs required us to lay multiple Excel sheets side by side, whereas today we can go into the system, review responses from all the vendors who have quoted, and easily select the one with the right combination of quality, cost, and compliance.”


“Centric PLM is a modern and future-fit solution that can be accessed on the move. Centric is the PLM leader in our industry, and the fastest-growing PLM solution provider globally.”


Want to See the Whole Package?

The best way to find out if Centric Consumer Goods PLM is right for your business is to see it with your own eyes! Book your personalized demo today.