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Step Ahead in Footwear Retail:

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of footwear retail?

Watch the replay to see Elizabeth Shobert from Centric Software® uncovers the hurdles you’re facing, from the pressure of competition to the unpredictability of the current market and your consumer expectations. Together, explore the latest in sneakers and heels, and how you can adapt your pricing strategy to connect genuinely with your customers and stay ahead. 

What You’ll Learn:  

📊 Discover key statistics showing emerging trends in the footwear market.
💡 Understand how inflation impacts consumer behavior and pricing strategies.
👟 Learn how to match your product offerings with what consumers want most.
💻 How to use pricing software and analytics to handle price changes effectively.


👀 See what customers are saying…

“I’d love for people to spend time in Centric Market Intelligence and be looking at competitive assortment architecture, looking at color assortments that people are offering, and thinking about some of those marketing reports.”
Chief Merchant | Wolverine Worldwide

“Centric Market Intelligence is like having an invisible member on your team to back you up on every decision that you make.”
Director of Merchandising | Everlane

“I was thrilled to see that we had made the investment in Centric Market Intelligence, because I see Centric Market Intelligence as a useful tool to streamline how we view and operate the business as it relates to our positioning competitively—from an assortment standpoint, a pricing standpoint, finding those whitespace opportunities, and really knowing when and how to react to business trends.”
VP, Performance & Growth | Neiman Marcus