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6 May 2019

Take the Lead in the Retail Race!

3 business strategies for multi-category retailers to get ahead in a rapidly…

29 October 2018

How Targus Powers Up Product Development with Centric PLM

Read how teams at Targus use Centric PLM to collaborate efficiently across…

29 October 2018

Centric PLM Gives KIKO Milano a Digital Makeover

Learn how Centric PLM drives product development at KIKO Milano and is…

5 October 2018

Centric VIP Infographic

Discover Centric VIP through our cool infographic.

5 October 2018

tentree Plants Seeds for the Future with Centric SMB

Discover why tentree is confident that Centric SMB will be the platform…

5 October 2018

Making Work Easier Every Day at Helsport with Centric PLM

Helsport has one source of truth and a powerful system that makes…

5 October 2018

MUSTANG Creates Transparency Between Styles and Suppliers with Centric PLM

MUSTANG reports significant time savings, dramatic cost reductions and faster sample development…

5 October 2018

Boosting Team Energy and Efficiency with Centric PLM at Delvaux

Learn how Centric PLM decreased data errors by 20% at Delvaux.

5 October 2018

Mascaró Gains Control and Visibility with Centric PLM

With Centric PLM, Mascaró has clear, complete information that is easily accessible…

5 October 2018

Powerful Precision with Centric PLM at 3Colour

Centric PLM saves time for designers and developers at 3Colour. Read the…

5 October 2018

Centric PLM Drives Collaboration and Creativity at Crocs

Centric 8 is more than just a product system for Crocs: it…

5 October 2018

Enhancing Speed and Accuracy at Ackermans with Centric PLM

The time it takes the Ackermans buying team to produce tenders has…

5 October 2018

Meeting Strategic Goals with Centric PLM at Tape à l’Œil

Centric PLM has dramatically reduced human error and brought harmony to the…

5 October 2018

Centric PLM Helps Lancaster Become More Innovative

With Centric PLM in place, Lancaster can respond quickly to the changing…

5 October 2018

Preparing for the Future with Centric PLM at BESTSELLER

With Centric PLM in place as part of its wider IT transformation,…

5 October 2018

Klim Speeds Ahead With Centric PLM

With Centric PLM in place, Klim finds it easier to track product…

5 October 2018

Boosting Business Intelligence and Innovation at Bestseller Fashion Group China

Since implementing Centric PLM, Bestseller China has experienced a faster time to…

5 October 2018

The Market Speaks: Centric references from around the world

Watch Centric Software’s success story best of of video! Thanks to all…

17 September 2018

ARMEDANGELS and Centric PLM Design a Sustainable Future

Time spent updating product information across styles and seasons has been reduced…

17 August 2018

PLM Demo Series: Final Inspection App

Is your brand assurance quality still paper-based causing potential delays and putting…

17 August 2018

PLM Demo Series: Field Testing App

Do you spend countless hours compiling product testing data and analyzing the…

19 July 2018

Urban Revivo Aims to Win the Fast Fashion Race with Centric PLM

Centric PLM is helping Urban Revivo to speed time to market, cut…

2 July 2018

Centric PLM Gives Mud Pie the Gift of Growth

Today, Mud Pie can manage the whole lifecycle of a product in…

21 January 2018

Shoes For Crews Steps Into the Future with Centric PLM

Centric PLM was implemented at Shoes For Crews in just 42 business…

22 November 2017

Centric Powers PLM Transformation at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

Centric PLM has already resulted in a faster and more efficient product…

21 November 2017

Centric PLM Drives Business Transformation at Tristate Holdings

Tristate chose Centric PLM for its fast implementation and user-friendly, configurable system.…

23 August 2017

Supporting Visibility and Agility with Centric PLM at Wolf Lingerie

Wolf Lingerie uses Centric 8 PLM to track collections at a glance…

23 August 2017

Speeding Up Product Development with Centric PLM at Undiz

Centric PLM was the right choice for Undiz because of its ease…

23 August 2017

Nina Ricci Gets to Market Faster with Centric PLM

Nina Ricci turned to Centric 8 PLM to secure the future of…

23 August 2017

CamelBak Makes Even Better Products with Centric PLM

CamelBak has been able to automate much of its costing and take…

23 August 2017

Optimizing Product Performance at Marc Jacobs with Centric PLM

Read how Centric PLM has had a significant positive impact on time…

1 April 2016

Tasting PLM Success at Modern Gourmet Foods

Modern Gourmet Foods sought a centralized enterprise system to handle the pressure…

1 April 2016

Keeping Pace With Rapid Change at Uniek using Centric PLM

Learn how Centric PLM has enabled Uniek to increased product variety by…

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