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6 May 2019

Taking the Lead in the Retail Race: 3 Business Strategies for Multi-category Retailers

Find out how to get better products to more channels, faster.  

29 April 2019

Centric Software Supercharges Innovation with Centric 8 PLM v6.6

Newest release introduces automations to drive productivity

23 April 2019

Aliznet and Centric Software Sign Strategic Partnership for PLM Integration

Combination of expert teams will promote faster and more efficient digital transformation

7 January 2019

Centric Software Reveals New Collaborative Digital Touch-Screen Boards

Digitally transform design ideation & assortment development and buying for retail, wholesale…

29 October 2018

KIKO Milano Success Story

Watch KIKO's story with Centric PLM.

16 October 2018

Centric Software Turns Up The Retail Velocity with v6.4 and v6.5

Latest PLM releases include high-volume sourcing for pure retailers, 3D and other…

5 October 2018

Bite-Sized Guide to Centric PLM

Get Centric PLM education with our digestible guide.

5 October 2018

Centric Mobile Apps Brochure

Discover Centric's mobile apps that empower you to work on the move.

5 October 2018

Centric VIP Infographic

Discover Centric VIP through our cool infographic.

5 October 2018

tentree Cut Reporting Time with Centric PLM

Discover tentree's story with Centric SMB.

5 October 2018

Helsport Empower Product Development with Centric PLM

Discover Helsport's story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018

Mustang Jeans Save Time with Centric PLM

Discover Mustang’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018

Centric PLM Allows Delvaux to Reduce Time Spent on Admin

Discover Delvaux’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018


Discover Mascaró success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018

3 Colour

Discover 3 Colour success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018


Discover Croc’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018


Discover Ackermans’ success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018

Tape à L’oeil

Discover Tape à l’Œil’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 October 2018


Centric Software is the leading PLM solution for fashion, retail, footwear, luxury,…

5 October 2018


Klim decided to invest in Centric Software’s PLM solution in 2009, and…

5 October 2018

Bestseller China

The best part we like about Centric is its configurability. This creates…

5 October 2018

The Market Speaks: Centric references from around the world

Watch Centric Software’s success story best of of video! Thanks to all…

17 August 2018

PLM Demo Series: Final Inspection App

Is your brand assurance quality still paper-based causing potential delays and putting…

17 August 2018

PLM Demo Series: Field Testing App

Do you spend countless hours compiling product testing data and analyzing the…

14 August 2018

PLM Demo Series: PLM4ALL

Tired of chasing outdated spreadsheets, searching for the email attachment someone sent…

18 July 2018

PLM Demo Series: Factory Audit

Factory audits shouldn’t have to depend on paper, emails and Excel. How…

18 July 2018

PLM Demo Series: Retail Review Mobile App

Finding it difficult to maintain consistent branding, merchandising, promotions and policies across…

2 July 2018

PLM4ALL: Increase Productivity For SMBs

This event will be in Italian.  Everyone’s talking about digital innovation! Wondering…

31 May 2018

PLM Demo Series: Mobile Applications

Do you have a special notebook in your bag that you carry…

28 April 2018

PLM Demo Series: Merchandise Planning

Do you wish you could have up-to-date sales data at your fingertips…

28 April 2018

PLM Demo Series: Adobe® & The BOM

Tired of having to transfer your design ideas from Adobe® to a…

29 September 2017

5 Cost-Effective PLM Strategies

Are you looking to: – Improve the way you develop products? –…

1 September 2017

3 Reasons Why PLM Is A Game Changer For Your Business

Are you looking to: Streamline product development Reduce costs Speed time to…

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