15 1月 2020

Centric Software’s Digital Buying Board

Centric Software デジタルバイイングボード 多くのミーティングに振り回されて、スケジュールが埋まっていませんか?大量のExcelファイルを前に、落ち込んでいませんか? タブレットやタッチ操作できるスクリー […]

6 5月 2019


マルチカテゴリー小売りが、目まぐるしく変化する時代に対応するための3つのビジネス戦略 小売り業界は目まぐるしく変化しています。オンラインショッピングが台頭し、セグメントがより細分化される中で、マルチカテゴリー小売りは大き […]

5 10月 2018

Centric Mobile Apps Brochure

Discover Centric's mobile apps that empower you to work on the move.

5 10月 2018

Centric VIP Infographic

Discover Centric VIP through our cool infographic.

5 10月 2018

MUSTANG Creates Transparency Between Styles and Suppliers with Centric PLM

MUSTANG reports significant time savings, dramatic cost reductions and faster sample development since implementing Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018


Discover Delvaux’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018


Discover Mascaró success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018

3 Colour

Discover 3 Colour success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018


Discover Croc’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018


Discover Ackermans’ success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018

Tape à L’oeil

Discover Tape à l’Œil’s success story with Centric PLM.

5 10月 2018


Centric Software is the leading PLM solution for fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods […]

5 10月 2018

Preparing for the Future with Centric PLM at BESTSELLER

With Centric PLM in place as part of its wider IT transformation, BESTSELLER has a scalable platform to make its work more effective.

5 10月 2018


Klim decided to invest in Centric Software’s PLM solution in 2009, and never looked back. Watch Klim’s success […]

5 10月 2018

Bestseller China

The best part we like about Centric is its configurability. This creates huge value for us by cutting developm […]

5 10月 2018

The Market Speaks: Centric references from around the world

Watch Centric Software’s success story best of of video! Thanks to all of our customers for making us th […]

23 8月 2017

CamelBak Makes Even Better Products with Centric PLM

CamelBak has been able to automate much of its costing and take advantage of the heightened visibility and accountability provided by Centric PLM.



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