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6 Ways to Protect Your Revenue and Reputation With Centric Quality Management


It’s a constantly moving conveyor belt that gets faster and faster all the time. Every season, companies work to get more products to market, quickly. But it’s not just about quantity. Quality matters, too – just ask the discerning customer.

As fashion, apparel and consumer goods brands expand globally, they have to contend with a variety of complex quality requirements and composition laws in multiple countries. You have to make absolutely sure your products are meeting quality standards without disrupting the flow.

The Centric PLM Quality Management module provides an essential tool in meeting these demands by streamlining the quality control process, improving cost-effectiveness and ensuring a safety or quality recall doesn’t ruin your reputation.

Wondering how Quality Management can help your brand ensure quality, every step of the way? Here are 6 reasons to check it out:

1. Stay on the right side of the law

Keep the legal eagles in your business happy with the ability to manage quality, consumer product safety and compliance to meet international standards. With Centric Quality Management, you can create quality tests by region or product type that map to company standards or standards mandated by law, including CPSIA, REACH, regional government and other consumer safety regulations. Even with constantly changing safety standards, Quality Management maintains up-to-date compliance requirements to ensure safe products.

2. Meet your own standards

It’s not just about making sure your products are legally satisfactory – you want them to be great! Quality Management allows you to assign quality, performance and safety goals based on company-wide and channel-specific standards. You can make sure that every single product meets your company’s high standards and will satisfy customer expectations.

3. Enjoy better testing visibility

Enhanced visibility into test results makes it easier to figure out exactly what adjustments you need to make to ensure products are compliant. Quality Management can manage the testing process for products in both sample and production stages, recording a simple pass/fail or providing a deep dive into specific recorded test results.

It’s simple to capture test results for products and material samples against easy-to-create ad hoc tests, or use editable predefined test templates. You can readily compare and contrast multiple test runs for a variety of samples of a product or material. Users can access test results at every step in the process, providing a ‘single version of the truth’ about the product for everyone involved.

Quality PLM

4. Stay ahead of potential problems

Quality Management can even help proactively flag products that won’t meet next year’s safety standards so that you can take action before giving an ‘OK’ for production. Decision-making and traceability are also enhanced with powerful reporting capabilities and analytics that leverage product information.

5. Be more efficient and effective

With Quality Management on your side, your entire enterprise works more effectively to ensure brand and quality standards—every time, right from the start. It streamlines quality control processes, protects brand integrity, increases efficiency and improves cost-effectiveness. Quality teams spend less time tracking down results and more time contributing value and knowledge so that you can keep making great products.

6. Protect your reputation

Quality Management helps you guard your business’ most valuable resource—its brand reputation. It reinforces and maintains brand standards at every point throughout product development. Companies can avoid the pitfalls and costs associated with quality or safety failures that trigger recalls and negatively impact revenue and reputation. Ultimately, Quality Management benefits your bottom line.