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2023 Insight Report: Recession Top Performers For Beauty

Identify the trends and consumer behaviors that are driving beauty sales despite the economic pressures.


Evaluate top-selling categories and products

Uncover revenue-generating opportunities

Forecast the beauty trends with staying-power

De-influencing, inflation budgeting, recession-proofing…there’s plenty of headlines which foretell the doom and gloom of discretionary spending. But when it comes to beauty, the picture may not be so simple. Uncover the current insights gleaned from online search, eCommerce data and social media trends, that provide actionable direction within the current economic variables.

Within this report, you’ll discover which beauty categories are currently the top selling based on data from top retailers such as Saks and Sephora. Which specific product enjoyed a 131% leap in monthly searches compared to data from last year? Is serum having a moment or does moisturizer still reign supreme? Get these insights and more to drive your assortment planning, pricing and discounting strategies.

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