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Omni-Channel Optimization Through Digital Transformation-Market Recovery and Sustainability

This webinar replay is only available in Korean.

In the fashion business, ‘Omni Channel’ has undoubtedly become part of the daily operational process. Customers wish to communicate with purchases anytime, anywhere, and they demand personalization, agility, and transparency. Companies must now respond to such demands through diversified channels, online and offline.

However, one important lesson learnt through the Pandemic is that omnichannel requires digital transformation for it to work. Through the Pandemic, we have understood that conventional work cannot leverage on opportunities that arise from multiple channels. Online is another word for personalization in itself. Customers leave traces (data) there, and the traces are the basis for personalization. When personalized sales digitization is linked to planning and working digitization, real personalization, efficiency and minimization of opportunity loss are possible.

Watch the Korean webinar replay to learn how Hyung-Keun Kang, COO of The SM Group (formerly Adidas Korea Brand Director VP), established omnichannel as a new normal. This included D2C strategies of global brands, online sales and communication, and a paradigm shift in the way of working.

In addition, learn how Centric Software introduced powerful digital collaboration tools such as PLM and CVIP which allowed businesses to respond well to omnichannel and build internal and external collaboration systems for new environments effectively.

Be confident in the field of recovery after the pandemic, sustainable growth, and digital transformation for the omnichannel.