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Digital Product Development:
Create Products Your Customers Want Faster and at a Lower Cost

Is your company still developing formulated products with outdated and siloed spreadsheets and systems?  

There are many external challenges in the way of food and beverage & cosmetics and personal care companies getting products to market faster—changing consumer demands, evolving regulatory and compliance requirements, supply chain issues and much more.  Your internal product development system shouldn’t be one of them. 🤔 

Watch our digital event to learn about the benefits of digitalizing every phase of formulated product development like Big Lots, Kroger, Wicked Kitchen, Sephora, KIKO Milano, MECCA and many more did. Discover the secret ingredient for increasing efficiency by 50% and lowering costs by 23% 

You’ll also see a live demo of Centric’s innovative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, a digital end-to-end product development platform that empowers agility, speed, actionable, data-driven decision-making, team collaboration and more.

Watch our replay and you’ll learn how to:  

          ✓ Drive efficiency through every phase of product development
          ✓ Boost product portfolio visibility to optimize the product mix
          ✓ Speed up new product introductions and formulation development
          ✓ Streamline sourcing requests and collaboration with suppliers
          ✓ Automatically create detailed packaging, artwork and labeling briefs
          ✓ Reduce quality and compliance risks with greater visibility and control
          ✓ And much more!


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Enable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Increase transparency across your product development processes with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!