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Centric Visual Boards

Visually Optimize Product Portfolios and Streamline Decision-Making with Real-Time Collaboration

Our visual-driven planning solution, the Centric Visual Planning Board, enables an unprecedented and ground-breaking ability to optimize products. Speed decision-making, planning and go-to-market meetings to launch the best possible products on time, every time.

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Innovation-first, collaborative and highly-intuitive visual-driven planning.

An interactive visual workspace using living images or placeholder visuals and their accompanying data to drive what-iffing, forecasts, planning and decision-making.

Connect and align financial and merchandising plans with design, product, sourcing and manufacturing teams to streamline product go to market. Work collaborately, review plans, capture changes in real time and build out financially- and brand-driven product assortments to maximize performance at retail.

Visual, Connected, and Fully Digital

Replace spreadsheets, post-its, paper printouts, foam core boards and email chains with dynamic, real-time group decision-making across devices, using an intuitive visual workspace.

Visualize Data from Everywhere

Bring images and product information into one place and work with it in a highly intuitive visual format. Connect across departments and teams, make informed decisions and work seamlessly and collaboratively like never before.

Streamline Decision-Making

Vastly speed up go-to-market meetings with the ability to make group decisions with real-time feedback, field input, post-meeting to-do’s captured and dynamic, shared PDF recaps. Remove weeks of preparation work and data entry.

Multi-Device Collaboration

Showcase visual data on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, touch screen TV or tablet and work in real time across devices. Work together in the same place or remotely, then feed back decision-making into PLM in real time to execute immediately.

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Built hand-in-hand with fast-moving consumer goods and fashion brands and retailers to address real industry needs

Visual Planning Board

Streamline go-to-market meetings and accelerate timelines with live images and information.

The Visual Planning Board empowers merchandising, design, and product development teams to collaboratively develop line plans and placeholders, align with financial plans, track changes, visualize in 3D and quickly create assortments with carryover and new products.

Visual Showroom Board

Visually present products in streamlined, real-time digital showrooms and enables merchandising, sales teams and clients to collaboratviely develop internal retail buys or wholesale commitments.

Manage showroom events, allocate KPIs and OTB targets and submit orders instantly. Visualize 3D product files to enhance decision-making and export orders to ERP, BI and Centric Planning.

Visual Concept Board

Replace printouts, post-its and foam core boards with a dynamic, creative and collaborative digital workspace.

Using the Visual Concept Board, merchandising, design, and product development teams collaboratively design into placeholders to create, review, and approve articles, options, colors, materials, and sketches. Create presentations, visualize 3D assets and track requested samples.

Develop Visual Assortments with Data-Driven Insights. Execute Quickly with Adjustments In-Season.




Orchestrate an integrated go-to-market process with greater efficiency, profitability, creativity and speed.

Connect and align financial and merchandising plans with design, product, sourcing and manufacturing teams to streamline product go to market. See the same information differently, turning deep analytical and visual data into actionable insights to accelerate decision-making and boost real-time team collaboration.

Centric Planning

Plan and Decide with Data

Optimize financial forecasting, merchandising and in-season planning ​with a powerful, cloud-native, data-driven planning solution, embedded with AI capabilities.

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Centric PLM

Execute with PLM

Cloud-native SaaS PLM with built-in product category-specific best practices. Highly configurable and easy to use to design, develop, source and manufacture products with rapid implementation.

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