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Visually Optimize your Assortment Plan and Streamline Decision-Making

This event was held in English.

Effectively managing your merchandising strategy is a complex and painstaking endeavor. Wrangling a high-volume of product information, iterations, and images across a plethora of spreadsheets, emails, notes, and foam core boards to achieve a finished collection, is time-consuming, costly, depletes employee satisfaction but moreover, won’t cut it in 2023.

Brands and retailers, like yours, can no longer afford to work like this in today’s market. You are in urgent need of modern tech that allows you to make informed decisions in real time with accurate product data.

Join us to see Centric Visual Boards in action and learn how innovative digital solutions designed for merchandisers, product and buying teams, ✓ streamline collaboration ✓ speed decision-making ✓ optimize performance across assortments ✓ transform buying sessions and more.

In just 45 minutes explore the ground-breaking digital tools and benefits of Visual Boards empowering retailers to:

  • Boost innovation and creativity by giving designers a sandbox to ideate using existing styles and color palettes
  • Cut costs on showrooms, travel, and production by displaying collections to buyers in a digital realm and making changes to samples on the fly to meet buyers’ wants
  • Connect to existing business systems and model assortments financially using real-time data
  • Identify voids in assortments, track product drops and adds based on group feedback in real-time

React to market demand faster with agile assortment planning.

Contact Centric for a demo of Centric Visual Boards. ✓Enable remote collaboration ✓Increase speed to market ✓Increase transparency across your product development processes with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!