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Digitally Transform the Retail Sell-In Process

Speed the sell-in process and boost orders by presenting the right products to the right buyers.

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Empower marketing, merchandising and sales teams with channel-specific, curated collections based on real-time collection status and product availability information.

Deliver market-right collections for wholesale and retail with Centric’s mobile apps.

Easily create catalogs

Easily create catalogs for showroom and market presentations or onsite meetings with buyers based on the very latest collection information.

Reduce errors and costs

Reduce errors and costs by getting rid of printed catalogs that quickly go out of date.

Maximize revenue

Maximize revenue by selling the right products to the right buyers and channels by presenting collections curated by buyer/channel to keep a tight focus and control brand positioning.

Enhance your customer’s experience

Enhance your customer’s experience by staying focused on what works best for them.

Tabulate minimum order quantities

Capture wishes, pre-orders and orders in real time to tabulate minimum order quantities (MOQ) prior to final fabric buy.

Presenting Centric Software’s Showroom solution suite for retail sell-in and collection management

Timely, accurate product catalogs —always available and up-to-date

Collection Management for Centric PLM

Collection Management for Centric PLM

Set master collections based on the very latest product development information: assort by channel, region, buyer, product line, sales team or other criteria.

Create & manage the ‘market’ view of products & collections: such as brand images, product shots, color names, color ways, sizes, wholesale pricing, RPP (recommended retail price) and more.

Control and oversee the go-to-market and collection presentation process.

Changes to the line by product development and merchandising are automatically updated.

Collection Book for iPad

Collection Book for iPad

Prepare collections for specific buyers or channels for sell-in.

Present visually appealing, highly targeted, up-to-date product collections and catalogs. Work from real-time availability of style options, colors, sizes, product & sample availability and pricing.

Works on/offline for little to no internet connection zones.

Avoid paper! Better for the planet and better for you – don’t show out of date product options!

For deep, channel specific presentations.

Showroom for iPad

Showroom for iPad

Prepare collections for presentation in a showroom or market week environment.

Product information is live and represents the very latest in product availability including inventory.

Showroom is specifically designed for intense periods of collection presentations and ordering/pre-ordering. It is designed for iPad, faster switchover between users, preparation for meetings and even to be used one handed so you can use the app while pulling products.

Works online only; takes wishes, pre-orders and orders.

Capture Sales Data

Capture Sales Data

Order taking can be done on the spot from personalized product catalogs and is integrated directly with your sales order or ERP system. Loop feedback to design, merchandising, product development and sourcing teams in real time, especially for tracking minimum order quantities (MOQ) prior to final fabric buy.

Product catalogs

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