Connect People and Products Remotely with Social PLM in Centric 8 v7.2

A more efficient way to boost digital collaboration with industry-first integration with Slack, a reimagined product comments and conversations feature, greater functionality in 3D design and a variety of user-experience enhancements that superspeed product development.

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Market-driven PLM innovations

Drive productivity & time to market through seamless teamwork and communications

Centric 8 PLM v7.2 offers a variety of innovations developed in response to business challenges experienced by Centric’s customer partners. All new features are designed to support digital collaboration on a global scale.

Connect people to products in a data-driven way of working to supercharge innovation, streamline product development and speed time to market.

centric 8 PLM v7.1

Social PLM powers teams to innovate and get more products to market, faster

New Centric PLM™ collaboration features connect teams to speed communications and centralize information.

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Optimize remote collaboration with Slack integration.

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Connect real-time, formal product information, comments and decisions with Centric PLM Conversations.

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Streamline work, speed collaboration and centralize all product-related communications. Save time!


Empower everyone to contribute to the 3D PLM workflow

Create new 3D materials directly within Centric PLM

No need to depend on designers and specialized 3D applications

Upload and manage 3D Avatars

Share photorealistic renderings with suppliers

More accurate and faster sourcing, sampling and time to online retail

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The digital foundation for product innovation

Why do brands choose Centric PLM?

Centric’s innovative, digital solutions are a ‘single source of the truth’ for all product development related data for fashion PLM, retail PLM and food and beverage PLM.

A hub for collaboration and idea sharing across every phase of product development, you can efficiently develop a higher variety of products destined for more markets and more channels, faster.

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