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FashionTech Roadshow, Spain: Digital Transformation & PLM Workshop

Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante | Spain

We’re sorry, this event has passed. If you’d like to learn more about Centric Software, check out our upcoming eventscontact us or request a demo. Thank you!

26 June: Barcelona | 27 June: Madrid | 28 June: Alicante

Centric Software is hitting the road from April to June to bring our exclusive, global Digital Transformation & PLM workshop to your doorstep.

Tired and over-stressed from spending most of your time on monotonous and administrative tasks instead of focusing on your real job – bringing great products to market? Are you ready to digitally transform your business but can’t find time in your busy schedule?

Let Centric Software bring the solution to you! Book a Digital Transformation & PLM Workshop with us. Pick the date, time and place and try PLM with your own hands!

Modern and mobile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the backbone technology for fashion and apparel companies that drives all product related activities from concept to retail. PLM improves collaboration, reduces errors & costs, and speeds time to market resulting in streamlined operations & better collaboration to drive business growth.

Your design, merchandising and product development teams will have the opportunity to try the digital tools that will save them time, improve collaboration & communication, make work less stressful and more fun!

You and your team will also get to explore the amazing features of Centric Software’s game changing Centric Visual Innovation Platform (CVIP) and our mobile apps! CVIP replaces foam core boards of all types and transforms the fashion & apparel creation, development and commercialization process. CVIP boards and mobile apps allow you to work in real-time, in a simple and intuitive way without being stuck at your desk.

Bring your laptop / phone and we will bring a touchscreen TV so you can experience these new, stress reducing solutions on multiple-devices.

Please choose the week that most suits you and our team will be in touch to set up the most convenient date / time for you.

Embark your product team on a PLM adventure!
For 4 hours (morning or afternoon) you and your team will have the chance to try our mobile applications and explore all functions of PLM with your own laptops / tablets / phones. What better way to experience the future?

Bring the PLM market leader to your boardroom today and discover why over 240 companies like Louis Vuitton, Grupo Cortefiel, Mango, Mascaro, Camper and Desigual already trust Centric Software!