Camper accelerates product development with Centric PLM™


Four months to implement

Centralized product data

Single source of truth


Contemporary Spanish footwear brand Camper previously struggled using out-dated software that was not designed for the footwear industry, and desperately needed a more streamlined, user-friendly platform to track product development and gain full visibility from ideation to product launch.

Camper’s old legacy PLM system — designed for the engineering, car and aerospace industries — had serious limitations, which only allowed data entry at the end of the product lifecycle, leading to errors and conflicting data.

To stop reliance on a myriad of Excel spreadsheets, the company introduced Centric Footwear PLM in 2013, empowering the business with enhanced data visibility, more accurate costing at earlier stages in product development and significantly improved quality management, in one centralized system.

“Thanks to Centric PLM, we have been able to adapt our product development lead times (which typically take 6 months) to the changing needs of the business, achieving more flow-based collections,” comments Juan Enrique Jiménez Esquitino, Head of Supply Planning at Camper.

Camper’s teams now have instant access to accurate and reliable data, supporting them to work faster and more efficiently. Centric PLM has enabled Camper to power its growth while safeguarding the quality of its products it is known for.

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Company bio

Born in 1975, Camper is one of the world’s leading companies in the casual footwear design industry, offering a wide range of unique styles for men, women and children. Headquartered in Majorca, Spain, its shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart of Mallorca, and the brand is now available in more than 400 Camper stores and 4,000 authorized points of sale in over 40 countries.


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