Otabo Gets In Step with Customers and Vendors with Centric PLM™


Clearly defined roles

Improved efficiency and communication

Centralized product data


Otabo is a full-service footwear manufacturing company that levels the playing field for smaller brands and elevates agility and efficiency for larger companies. CEO Sabrina Finlay founded Otabo in 2016. It quickly became successful and outgrew the spreadsheet and email method of product development.

The Otabo team selected Centric PLM to meet their business process improvement goals. Since implementation of PLM, Otabo has achieved transparency in product development for customers and vendors, brought all product data together in one central location and redefined workflows.

Relying on the strong relationships they had forged with their customers and vendors, Otabo made bold and somewhat surprising moves to negotiate their way through the pandemic, resulting in positive outcomes for all.

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Company Bio

Otabo, founded in 2016, is an international footwear, apparel and accessories manufacturing company. After over a decade in the footwear manufacturing business, CEO Sabrina Finlay realized that great ideas from startups were not getting the support they needed and had more potential than people realized. One question changed everything: “Why are you turning down small accounts when they’re actually the most meaningful?”

Finlay started exploring opportunities to partner with passionate creators to bridge that gap. She has forged her own path within the rigid manufacturing industry to cultivate a company that is relationship forward, transparent and quality focused. Otabo’s unique approach allows small startups to compete with big brands and big brands to become more agile and efficient. Now, Otabo works with over 50 factories and hundreds of materials and components vendors to help great ideas find their feet.





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