Shoes for Crews

Shoes For Crews Steps Into the Future with Centric PLM


42 days to implement

TRACKING compliance is easier

SAVED time and money


Shoes For Crews launched an ambitious business transformation project that set out to revamp the product design and development process, while the business was also growing due to acquisitions and new partnerships. Shoes For Crews needed a PLM solution to provide a solid foundation during a time of challenge and development.

After a competitive selection process, Shoes For Crews chose Centric PLM, citing its functionality, ease of use, consistency throughout the product, agile approach and the ability to install and go live a lot faster than competing solutions. Centric PLM was implemented at Shoes For Crews in just 42 business days.

With Centric PLM in place, real-time collaboration saves time and money. It’s easy to track and manage critical safety information, and the intuitive system was adopted quickly by users. Shoes For Crews is confident that Centric will continue to be a crucial part of their future growth strategy.

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Company Bio

Founded in 1984 by husband-and-wife team Stanley and Arna Smith, Shoes For Crews is an industry leader in safety. Shoes For Crews footwear is worn in more than 100,000 workplaces worldwide. From kitchens to emergency rooms to factory floors, Shoes For Crews shoes protect people who work in slippery and hazardous environments and keep them comfortable for long hours on their feet.





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