Barco Uniforms

Centric PLM Launches Barco Uniforms Into the Future


166% increase in brands served

FASTER reactions to market trends

EFFICIENT data management


Rapid growth in recent years for Barco highlighted challenges with using spreadsheets and email for product development. Sizable new customers can materialize at any given moment, and Barco realized that investing in PLM software would make the company more responsive to market demands.

Barco Uniforms had a very comprehensive selection process involving key users and decision makers who ranked PLM providers on many different criteria before a set of site visits and demos from chosen vendors. Ultimately, features made the difference, and it was the totality of the offering that drove their decision to choose Centric’s solution.

Barco Uniforms now has a sophisticated system to manage design requirements and the ability to onboard new customers quickly with efficient data management and faster product development. The company can react faster to market trends. Having one single place for all product information has produced noticeable improvements in speed, efficiency and information access. Since implementing Centric PLM, Barco Uniforms has increased the number of brands they work with by 166%.

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Company Bio

Barco Uniforms™ was founded in 1929 in Gardena, California. Barco is renowned as a leading innovator in the professional apparel industry, and is perhaps best known for its Grey’s Anatomy™ scrubs brand, recognized as a favorite brand around the world. Barco dresses the employees of well-known global companies such as Regal Cinemas, KFC, Panda Express, P.F. Chang’s, Jamba Juice, Domino’s and Subway.





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