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Centric Customer Roadshow - Southern California:

Journey into Innovation with Centric Software

Modern Gourmet Foods

1920 E Deere Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705

May 15th


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Interested in how innovation can boost future success for your brand?

Join Centric Software for an exclusive customer event in Santa Ana, CA on Wednesday, May 15 to connect with your peers and hear from Centric customers who are using our seamless end-to-end solution suite to improve decision-making, boost agility and drive innovation.

Discover Centric’s range of capabilities beyond PLM, encompassing visual assortment planning and AI-enabled predictive pricing and inventory. Explore how next-generation technology empowers our customers to enhance business efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

Take a closer look at what Centric’s latest solutions can do for your business, engage with our experts to address your most pressing questions and gain exclusive insights into our innovation roadmap through a series of interactive sessions.

Session 1: Igniting Innovation with Centric
Explore the impact of innovation and the need for brands to evolve with consumer demands and market challenges. Hear from Centric experts as they discuss how brands can leverage technology to foster innovation.

Session 2: Spotlight on Modern Gourmet Foods
Learn how Modern Gourmet Foods uses Centric to power their innovative initiatives, showcasing their impactful achievements and offering a glimpse into their inspiring vision for the future.

Session 3: An Exclusive Look at the Future (Centric Roadmap)
Discover what the future holds for Centric Software and its customers with an inside look at our roadmap. See how our next-generation technology empowers brands to achieve digital transformation.

Session 4: Bring Your Vision to Life with Centric Visual Boards™
Join Linda Gallagher to see how Centric Visual Boards™ enhances data visualization from PLM and other systems, empowering your teams to drive informed decisions.

Discover Centric Solutions:

Centric Software is not just leading digital transformation in retail - we're redefining it. Join us.

Centric Product Concept to Replenishment Platform

Schedule a custom demo with our retail experts to discuss a modernization plan tailored to every stage of your business, with solutions that deliver speed, cost-efficiency and environmental responsibility.

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Centric PLM

The unparalleled Product Lifecycle Management tool for consumer goods. It's the key to shrinking time-to-market, enhancing efficiencies, cutting costs and promoting sustainability.

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Centric Planning

A pioneering, AI-driven solution for merchandise financial planning, assortment and demand planning. It's made to optimize margins and curtail inventory, marking a new era in retail planning.

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Centric Pricing & Inventory™

The leading AI-powered tool for price and stock optimization. It expertly balances demand and supply throughout the product lifecycle, boosting sales and profit margins.

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Centric Market Intelligence™

A robust tool offering competitive insights into pricing, styles and assortments, while providing valuable consumer buying patterns and trend analysis.

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Centric Visual Boards™

A suite of interactive, visually dynamic data-driven boards that foster collaborative and informed decision-making - and execution - across merchandising and design.

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