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Taste the Future – Top Trends and Innovations in the Food Industry

Online | Wednesday, 22. September 2021, 4 pm CEST 4 pm CEST

This event was held in English.

In this “Trends Masterclass”, we discussed three top trends in F&B, analyse the challenges and opportunities for Food and Beverage Manufacturers and Retailers, and illustrate with short software demos how Centric PLM can help companies successfully implement these trends. As a bonus, the event will conclude with a Q&A segment and a short homebrewing masterclass!

The trends we discuss with you are:

1) Food innovations

Covid-19 has brought health-conscious nutrition to the centre of attention. Consumer needs have changed in several ways, significantly increasing the trend towards an all-round healthy lifestyle. The demand for plant-based meat alternatives, protein bars and drinks that focus on energy, mindfulness and relaxation is growing fast.

How can F&B companies react quickly and effectively to these trends and drive innovation to meet consumer expectations?

2) Personalised Nutrition

The buzzword personalised nutrition is associated with the science-driven future vision of food intake tailored to individual needs. Personalised Nutrition will be a major growth area for the F&B industry and early movers will gain a significant competitive advantage. But for this future to become a reality, the business models of the food and beverage industry need to be completely overhauled.

How can mass production models be adapted for a personalised future?

3) Sustainability

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that consumers have developed a heightened awareness of sustainability issues. As a result, educated consumers are now asking questions such as:

  • How is the producer, farmer or worker paid?
  • Where and how was the product produced?
  • What ingredients does it contain and how were they grown?
  • How is the product packaged?

The hurdles that companies must overcome to address the farm-to-table waste issue include supply chain inadequacies, overproduction, lack of transparency and inefficient inventory management.


About BitesWeLove

At BitesWeLove we make tasty and healthy plant-based snacks based on nuts, dried fruits, peas and beans. We offer our healthy snacks in portion packs and standing pouches in 8 flavours for both retail and foodservice. We are a female-led business bursting with Good Energy, ready to take over Europe! Our mission is to bring you the good energy you need for everyday greatness. In 2020 we sold more than 2.5 million bites in the Netherlands growing over 55%.

What started in 2015 as an online subscription model has grown into an international healthy snacking brand. With a fast-paced growth in number of stores listed and bites sold, together with a mouthwatering NPD-pipe line, we look forward to what’s to come!

About Happ

We are a digital food-tech startup that focuses on the digital food revolution. We build the future of food together with our partners.

The focus is on three areas; “Personal nutrition coaching”, “Personal content platform” and creating “impactful innovations”.

Happ gives you the tools to make better food choices. Better for you, for your family and for our planet.

This event is part of our Oktoberfest with Centric event series which took place virtually from 21 – 24 September. Click here for the other webinars:

In keeping with Oktoberfest tradition, the first 50 registrants received an Oktoberfest beer gift to enjoy virtually with Centric.

Further Information

Please note that this event was intended for companies from the Food & Beverage and Retail sectors. We reserve the right to limit the participation of service providers or other interested parties.

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Tom Berkvens

Regional Sales Director

Christian Maurer

Senior Food Consultant

Marleen Basart

Founder at BitesWeLove

Nard Clabber

Chief Science Officer at Happ