[Webinar Replay] Food World Webinars – How to avoid pitfalls in your new product development (NPD) process?

This event was held in English.

Watch this digital event with Centric Software in collaboration with Food World Webinars to help you navigate the challenges of environmental and food safety regulations that impact the product development and packaging and labelling for food retailers and manufacturers.

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to discover the top challenges from environmental and food and safety regulations perspective in regards to new product development and packaging and labelling from food retailers and manufactures.

The webinar will be led by two experts in the Food and Beverage industry from both Centric Software and O2M Lab:

This webinar replay will cover ways of how you can improve your new product development (NPD) and avoid pitfalls while staying on top of consumer trends. Learn more about how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can help food and beverage producers, brands, and retailers:

  • Better collaborate to boost product innovation
  • Streamline NPD
  • Develop private label
  • Improve product margins
  • Optimize product assortments
  • Reach sustainability goals
  • Guarantee compliance
  • Manage Packaging and Labelling
  • And much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to navigate the challenges of new product development and packaging and labelling in the food industry from our expert panel!