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Costing Made Easy with Centric PLM™

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Are you feeling stuck in spreadsheets and manual changes? Costing is often a challenging part of your process and efficiency is critical. If you’re dealing with inaccurate costing from suppliers, lack of visibility into costing of raw materials, and inefficient processes, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is right for you!

Watch our webinar replay;  [PLM4ALL] Costing Made Easy with Centric PLMto find out how PLM can help you:

  • Estimate costing scenarios to identify cost-saving potential.
  • Get accurate costing earlier in product development.
  • Drive better decision-making.

Watch the replay for a demo and a valuable costing discussion!

Contact Centric Software® for a demo of Centric PLM™.

✓Enable remote collaboration ✓Increase speed to market ✓Gain visibility into product development…with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing.