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Drive Your 3D Automation Pipeline With Centric PLM™

Meet the only PLM solution to provide a single platform that  allows you to ✓ streamline data exchange, ✓ eliminate redundant tasks ✓ improve vendor collaboration ✓ speed time to market by creating a 3D digital foundation. 

Combine your 3D digital workflow with a modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution and unleash the power of 3D automation pipeline across your entire digital product ecosystem. 

Meet Centric PLM! 

Join us for our exclusive digital event and learn how Centric PLM lays the foundation for your digital future by automating your 3D workflow, providing a fully integrated end-to-end 3D digital design. 

Crafted especially for development, design, merchandising, IT and sourcing professionals, this session will feature our 3D-enabled Centric PLM. You will learn how to: 

  • Speed time market by automating the conversion of 3D model formats across your teams 
  • Make fast and smart decisions by visualizing materials, style details and fit on 3D mannequins instead of fit models. 
  • Set transformational digital standards for your Brands, Products and Suppliers 

Did you know? Centric PLM is 3D agnostic and integrates with all prominent 3D tools – Browzwear, Optitex, CLO 3D, Alvanon, and more… 


Couldn’t attend? Contact Centric for a demo of Centric solutions. ✓Enable remote collaboration ✓Increase speed to market ✓Enhance transparency across your product development processes with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!