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Beyond the Buzzword:
AI’s Real Benefits to Fashion Retail

“AI is certainly a technology of the future. It will never completely replace people, especially when it comes to curating assortments.”Wöhrl, German fashion brand and retailer and Centric Software customer user 

Clean data and talented teams are key for fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers but these are only part of the equation for retail success. With the scale, speed and complexity of today’s fashion landscape it’s no longer humanly possible to effectively optimize decisions around products, assortments, pricing and inventory for thousands of SKUs across multi-categories, multi-markets and multi-channels.

This is where AI steps in. Boost, optimize, accelerate and automate certain tasks to meet the challenging demands of the fashion industry.

👉 Request the webinar replay to discover cutting-edge PLM, Planning, Market Intelligence and Pricing & Inventory solutions powered by AI, that provides real ROI of up to: 

  • 15% increased margins 
  • 60% reduced time to market 
  • 30% less inventory 
  • 50% improved productivity 
  • 18% increased revenues 

Automate, speed and optimize hundreds of decisions spanning design, development, sourcing, planning, merchandising, costing, sustainability, assortment, pricing, allocation, replenishment and re-ordering of products. Whether at pre-season or in-season stage  we looked at real use cases to:  

🔹  Gain real-time insights on product performance to drive pre-season decision-making.
🔹  Leverage bestsellers to kickstart collections with carryover items for maximum efficiency.
Update past products based on colors, trends, materials and sustainability score.
Optimize the overall assortment for increased shopping basket & sell-through.
🔹  P
redict demand, reduce markdowns and control in-season pricing for increased margins.
Reduce inventory with fast and smart allocation and replenishment decisions. 

PLUS! We showed our newest tool – Centric AI Fashion Innovation – in action. Specifically for designers, merchandisers, buyers and other product experts to quickly generate new design ideas.