[Past Tradeshow] Groceryshop Spring Meetup

Online | March 9 - 11, English

March 9 – 11

This event is in English.

Are you craving interaction with industry peers or itching for the latest market trends? Is innovation top of mind for your food and beverage business?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to meet Centric Software®—the leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)—at the virtual Groceryshop Spring Meetup.

Join us March 9-11, and you’ll learn how digital technology continues to drive innovation across food manufacturing and grocery sectors powered by Centric PLMTM.  Register and discover Centric’s innovative and customer-driven capabilities like:

✓ Improved vendor collaboration – communicate directly with your vendor network to streamline sourcing and product development
✓ Accelerated innovation – automate processes to give product developers more time to focus on the things that matter
✓ Controlled product costs – improve efficiency to lower costs of pricy mistakes and duplicated efforts
✓ Traceability and compliance – track ingredient certifications, link to nutritional and ingredient labels
✓ Systems integration – merge existing systems, such as ERP, CAD, ecommerce and more, to the Centric platform

Book your meet-up to learn how Centric PLM speeds time to market and boosts efficiency.

Can’t attend? Contact Centric Software® for a demo of Centric PLM™. Enable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Gain visibility into product development…with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing.