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Join us at Sourcing Journal
Fall Summit 2023

THE SWEET SPOT: Optimizing Inventory to Get the Highest ROI

New York City, New York | November 2nd, 2023

Sourcing Journal Fall Summit 2023:
All the Right Moves at Retail’s Crossroads

In a world shrouded in uncertainties from pandemics to supply chain disruptions, and a future that seems increasingly nebulous, businesses are in dire need of reliable ways to steer through complexities with utmost precision and predictability.

Engage with Reid Swanson, the respected Business Consultant at Centric Software®, and Moritz Kuhn, VP of Centric Market Intelligence & Inventory™. Together, they present “THE SWEET SPOT”, an essential conversation focused on fine-tuning your inventory management and pricing strategies, guaranteeing the utmost ROI for every transaction.

Join us as we unravel THE SWEET SPOT: a pivotal discussion aimed at ensuring your inventory management and pricing strategies are impeccably optimized to harvest the highest ROI on every transaction.

Sourcing Journal Fall Summit
November 2, New York – NY


📈 Elevate Your Sales and Margins: Witness a substantial uplift of 6-18%+ in sales and 4-15%+ in gross margin by leveraging our optimized predictive models.
💼 Reduce Costs: Slash working capital by 5-30% and personnel costs by over 50% with efficiency that translates to tangible savings.
🕒 Time-to-Value: Experience fast, impactful results with a solution designed to deliver swift ROI within weeks, not years.



✓Increase speed to market ✓Increase efficiency ✓Gain visibility into product development …with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!



Reid Swanson

Business Consultant

Centric Software®

Moritz Kuhn


Centric Market Intelligence & Inventory™