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Future-Proofing Retail:

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Dive into the intricate world of operational risk management

Navigating the multifaceted, often tumultuous world of retail, we all encounter a myriad of operational challenges—from complex supply chains and tech gaps to relentless regulatory demands. We see you, and we understand the hurdles your business faces daily.

Join us for a 45-minute webinar replay as Centric Software® experts unravel pragmatic solutions and glean insights into how Centric PLM™ is charting a course towards a future where businesses don’t just endure but skillfully traverse through operational perils and uncertainties.

👤 Host: Chad Berton, PLM Expertat Centric Software

In this Centric Software expert-led session, expect to gain:

🎯 Strategic insights: Learn to identify potential operational risks using PLM.
🔍 Analytical proficiency: Understand how to leverage PLM to evaluate the probability and impact of risks.
🛡️ Mitigation masterclass: Explore how PLM is used to develop and implement effective risk management strategies.
🔄 Continuous monitoring with PLM: Understand PLM’s role in enabling continuous risk monitoring, reviewing and communication among stakeholders.
💬 Interactive Q&A session: Address your queries about integrating PLM into your risk management efforts.


More than 770+ companies representing 12,800+ brands including Crocs, Wolverine, Under Armour, Delta Galil, Arden Companies, Merrell, Carter’s inc., Asics, BioWorld and Lands’ End partnered with us to streamline processes, boost productivity and profits.