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Ecommerce Berlin B2B Expo

STATION Berlin, Luckenwalder Str. 4-6 10:00-17:00 a.m. CET

The retail industry is in a constant state of flux. There are more products and more SKUs, accelerating trend cycles and competitive pricing to monitor. With the addition of economic disruption, inflation and the increasing cost of living, it’s crucial that brands and retailers know what competitors are doing!

  • Do you know what your competitors are selling and at what price?
  • Are they increasing costs due to inflation?
  • If we raise our prices, will we lose our customers?

And it’s not just about developing assortments and pricing strategies in a vacuum. Companies can no longer rely purely on internal data to guide decisions around what to make and how to price it. Teams must have access and visibility into what is happening within the wider retail industry.

Register for the Ecommerce Berlin Expo on February 23rd and discover Centric Software® offering cornerstone solutions essential for keeping your ecommerce business surviving and thriving through the uncertainty of the current retail landscape.

Centric Planning™: an AI-driven, end-to-end retail planning solution that drives accurate product forecasting, optimized assortments, increased sell-through and reduced inventory discounting.

Centric Market Intelligence™: a competitive product assortment benchmarking and pricing intelligence platform to gain insight into competitors’ assortment, pricing and promotions strategies.

Set up one-to-one demos or pick from a morning or afternoon demo slot to see Centric Planning and Centric Market Intelligence in action!



Paula Biste

Global Presales Lead at Centric Software

Nicholas Christian Simon

Account Executive at Centric Software