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Centric Software at AAFA’s Traceability and Sustainability Conference 2023: Discover the Single Concept-to-Launch Digital Platform

In person | July 25-26, English Boston, MA

Calling all fashion-forward leaders, innovators, & professionals in the apparel industry!


Get ready for the ultimate gathering at AAFA’s Traceability & Sustainability Conference 2023, happening on July 25-26. It’s where the magic of fashion and sustainability collide!

Join us for an exciting adventure as we unravel the secrets to conquer the challenges of supply chain complexity, lack of transparency, and consumer awareness, paving the way to sustainable practices that will make Mother 🌎 proud.

Get an opportunity to witness the transformative powers of Centric Software® in action, right before your very eyes. Our team of experts is itching to answer your burning questions and show you how we can:

📈 Boost your profit margins by up to 21% (Cha-ching!)
⏱️ Supercharge your time to market by up to 38% (Zoom, zoom!)
📊 Streamline your PLM processes by up to 66% (Smooth sailing ahead!)
📉 Slash your product development time by a jaw-dropping 83% (IK, right?)

Our powerful solutions empower brands like yours to achieve supply chain transparency, responsible material management, and mind-blowing data-driven insights. Come meet the software transforming the Apparel and Fashion Industry:

Centric PLM™ A modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform that reduces data and process complexity, improves collaboration, speeds time to market, anticipates trends and enables greater sustainability.

Centric Planning™ A next-generation planning solution that distills massive data sets into clear patterns and AI-driven forecasts to get the right products to the right channel — at the right time.

Centric Visual Boards™ An intuitive digital workspace for agile visual collaboration and decision-making on concepts, assortments, merchandising, catalogs and showrooms.

Centric Market Intelligence™ AI-driven market, channel, regional and competitor insights to optimize pricing decisions and maximize profits.


👀 what our customers are saying:

“With Centric you can specify attributes of a fabric—that’s already pre-built into the system, so it’s just a click of a button to say which of my fabrics are recycled, and what are their eco-friendly features.”
Director of Production | Dudley Stephens

“Looking at Centric’s customer base I felt that it was a great match, because Delta’s needs are not one size fits all. I wanted to make sure the solution addressed all of their diverse requirements.”
VP of Business Process | Delta Galil

“The flexibility and best practices embedded in Centric PLM and the project’s Agile Deployment methodology enabled us to react quickly and gave us immediate visibility when the US made the decision to impose tariffs on Chinese goods.”
Vice President of Global Sourcing | Big Lots

More than 815+ companies representing 18,000+ brands including Crocs, Tommy John, Under Armour, Rothy’s, Delta Galil, Wolverine Worldwide, Carter’s inc. and Lands’ End partner with Centric Software to streamline processes, while boosting productivity, and profits.

Couldn’t attend? Contact us for a personalized demo of Centric.

✓Increase speed to market ✓Increase efficiency ✓Gain visibility into product development …with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!