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Brands, retailers and manufacturers choose Centric to reduce time to time, improve collaboration and achieve revenue growth.

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What is Centric 8?

Everything you could ever want in a PLM solution — and more.


Intuitive, user friendly and completely web-based solutions. An easy-to-use, “single version of the truth” approach to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, quality management, collection management, technical design and retail execution.

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Agile Deployment SM

Innovative—even during implementation.

Centric’s Agile DeploymentSM is a unique PLM implementation methodology that delivers value in 3-4 months and sometimes sooner. Real value, really fast. That’s Centric 8 PLM.

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Mobile Apps

Close the gap between inspiration and the customer with the industry’s first—and most—patent-pending mobile apps for Centric 8 PLM.


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難用的 PLM 軟件不會受到團隊的歡迎,您的公司也不會從中獲利。只需花 60 分鐘,即可了解為什麼 Centre 開發的綜合創新系統是市面上最容易使用的 PLM 軟件平台。

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