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This replay is only available in English.

Watch this insightful webinar & discover what’s in store as we venture into the next “new normal”.

It is impossible to know what will happen. But it is possible to consider the lessons of the past, both distant and recent, and on that basis, to think constructively about the future. — McKinsey & Company 

As countries across the globe slowly emerge from confinement, businesses are gearing up for the after-effects of the global pandemic. Companies in retail, fashion, consumer goods, and other fast-moving industries have been faced with unprecedented challenges and, in order to thrive in the “new normal”, they need to be prepared. 

Joe Colvin, Sales Director Northern Europe, and Alistair Kershaw, Business Consultant, recently hosted this insightful webinar to address many of the questions we’re all asking ourselves, including: 

  • What is the future of retail? Will stores ever go back to normal? 
  • Will there be a spike in consumption once lockdowns are fully lifted? 
  • How can product and sourcing teams prepare for further disruptions in the supply chain if another spike hits? 
  • What technologies are enabling buyers and merchandisers to collaborate remotely while travel restrictions are still in place? 
  • And more…

Watch the webinar replay and prepare for the future!