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Supercharge Digital Collaboration with Social PLM by Centric

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We’re all familiar with today’s new normal: no office, no travel, and definitely no face time. But that doesn’t mean productivity has to take a backseat.

Discover the key to supercharging remote collaboration with Centric Social PLM. Learn the innovative social features of Centric PLM, including an industry-first Slack integration, chat and annotation capabilities and top-notch mobile functionality to drive efficiency across the product development chain, no matter where your teammates are.

Watch our webinar replay where our industry experts demonstrated how Social PLM:

• Strengthens remote collaboration
• Enables exchange of real-time data and communication
• Boosts mobile accessibility
• Creates a highly shareable ecosystem for you and your team

Empower your teams to create great products!

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Enable remote collaboration Increase speed to market Gain visibility into product development with a single source of the truth. Seeing is believing!