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10 Ways Retailers Can Improve Productivity in the E-commerce Competition

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Retailers are racing to prepare for the post-pandemic demands of greater online purchasing with the faster delivery of goods.

Digital transformation is no longer optional – traditional business models can’t keep up with the speed of market disruptions, remote collaboration and constantly changing consumer behavior.

In this webinar replay, 10 Ways Retailers Can Improve Productivity in the E-commerce Competition’, Centric Software’s Regional Sales Director, Nick Wei, and pre-sales consultant, Phuong Nguyen empower your retail business to make informed technology investments and other strategic decisions.

Three of the ten topics that are covered in this webinar replay include:

  1. Excellence in fulfillment execution. Learn why streamlining product development with a single hub from the beginning keeps the supply chain moving along so that products hit the market on time and customers are satisfied.
  2. Merchandising optimization– Amidst the economic downturn and rising operational costs, understand how retailers can leverage intelligent digital tools that increase precision when planning assortments, pricing, and promotions to maximize sales, margin, inventory, and customer satisfaction across touchpoints.
  3. Collaborative ecosystems – Find out how collaborative ecosystems strengthen relationships with suppliers, other retailers, and partners to extend existing business capabilities, support new business models, and offer new products and services.

Join the list of retailers driving their business forward with Centric Product Lifecycle Management including JD.com, Tesco, Auchan, Big Lots, Woolworths, Sephora, KIKO Milano, Louis Vuitton, SMCP, HBC, Adeo group, PEP, Leclerc, Monoprix and more.