In just five years, tentree moved from printing a few t-shirts to more than 500,000 annually. Spreadsheets and emails became unsuitable when the company needed to scale production, and disconnected forms of communication were making it difficult to maintain the level of internal accountability and supply chain traceability demanded by a sustainably-conscious organization.

Searching for a PLM solution that was both affordable and effective, tentree discovered Centric Software’s SaaS cloud-based solution for small to medium enterprises, Centric SMB. tentree was impressed by Centric SMB’s accessibility, adaptability, out of the box functions, integration with Adobe Illustrator and ability to scale with the company’s growth.

Centric has helped tentree to grow exponentially, allowing people to concentrate on what they specialize in rather than spending time in spreadsheets.

Today, tentree can get better products to market more quickly. With an ambitious goal to plant one billion trees by 2030, tentree is confident that Centric SMB will be the platform that turns the company into the world’s most environmentally progressive brand.

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