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Spreadsheets vs. PLM

How do you know when it’s time to switch?


When should you switch?

What are the real costs of spreadsheets?

Why move to PLM?

Is your company change-ready? Are your teams prepared to pivot with consumer trends, market shifts and the unexpected (such as a global pandemic)?

If your business relies on spreadsheets for design, collaboration, manufacturing specs and strategy, the answer is no. Thriving companies keep pace by adopting Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), modern technology that’s purpose-built to keep businesses of every size on course through change and complexity.

But when is the best time to switch from spreadsheets to PLM? And can you transition while delivering great products to market on time?

Read “Spreadsheets vs. PLM” to learn the top 10 signs spreadsheets hinder your company and the steep costs of sticking with them too long. You’ll also learn:

  • How a centralized platform supercharges design and production
  • How PLM reduces errors and task redundancies
  • The connection between PLM and happy, productive employees
  • Real-world KPIs from leading companies that switched to Centric PLM™

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